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Independence review

From Resist to Independence

Not any musical group can boast that they had such an energetic and dynamic beginning as Kosheen had. With their first album Resist the group received a great amount of appreciation among the fans of electronic music. The first album includes elements of drum and bass, trip-hop, soulful vocals and an avalanche of beautiful, sensual melodies. In the UK album became gold, it went through all the charts and tracks such as (Slip & Slide) Suicide, Hide U, Catch, Hungry and Harder took a firm grip not only at the radio stations but on listeners' players of the Foggy Albion in the first place and then of the whole world as well. Then was the pause, concerts, gathering and processing of new material and in 2003 guys presented their second album Kokopelli, which differs not that dramatically, but still has some distinctions in style and technique of the first album. Kokopelli LP was deeper and more psychedelic with elements of folk and Kosheen’s favorite trip-hop rhythm. However, the change of musical inclination towards more calm and hasteless music did not affect the interests of the audience, who gave Kokopelli same gold status as Resist received. Overall, the group has given us three albums, each with its own characteristics, its direction, depth and melody. Independence is destined to mark Kosheen's return to the music scene after a five year silence, so let's see what they have achieved.

He said: Let's go! - And waved with the hand!

Welcome to the open space, that's how exactly can be called the beginning of Independence LP. Addict starts with a deep, distant, ethereal beats, immersing us into the atmosphere of infinite space and time, where crystal, clear voice of Shan Evans amid gloomy and ponderous melody reminds us a beacon in the dark empire of electronic music. The track is quite deep and heavy in terms of atmosphere and mood. It is replaced by a friendlier and livelier song called Get A New One. As the previous track it meets us with well-defined structure that slowly pulls us inward, by connecting the bass-line and synth-rhythm at first, and then superimposing melody and light vocal. Qualitatively balanced and filled, this track blows away this universal concern that was loaded on us up by the first song. Tracks smoothly and rhythmically replace each other, giving the impression of one large, vast, monolithic structure. In the course of album listening, one can imagine endless road on which you are a traveler and you go to a destination known only to you, being fully immersed and obsessed with your own thoughts. The mood of the album is definitely philosophical and providing food for thought. It should be noted that this infinity is not depressing or sad one, but harmonious and soothing. The most impressive tracks on the album are Addict, Bella Donna, Zone 8, Waste, Spies, they show the true essence and professionalism of Kosheen as musicians.

Old and new

Name of the group Kosheen was taken from the Japanese; it consists of two parts ko – new and sheen – old. It seems that the guys are already back in '98 decided how and what they will do, combining, connecting and choosing the best of the old and experimenting with the new. Independence fully corresponds to this idea; it is merging the old familiar Resist and Kokopelli styles with modern musical trends. It is quite plausible that 5 years from the release of Damage, their third album, Bristol trio just did only one thing – they followed the development and dynamics of new styles. They certainly managed to keep their authenticity that was always associated with the depth of sound and semantic component, and thus they showed their creative and personal development. Ancient thinkers and minds of the past who established modern philosophy and logics would definitely like this kind of music. When you listen to it, you're in the music, it enspheres and dissolves you, penetrates and saturates you. One cannot break the album up to tracks and listen to each song separately. This album is solid. Energetic and instantly spanning beginning, smooth and rhythmic middle, monumental and ceremonial final, let's add also struggle between light and shadow, melody and rhythm, time and space, and that is how can the new Independence LP be described.