Drastic Fantastic

Studio Album by released in 2007

Drastic Fantastic review

Lucky accident

Kate Tunstall was born in Edinburgh, the UK, in 1975. She never saw her father, and Kate's mother refused from the girl after the birth. She was adopted immediately by a middle class family of teachers. Of cause, she got a very qualitative education in the UK and the USA. Then she went into musical activity and played in many bands, later started the solo career under the name KT Tunstall, but loud success seemed to be as unreachable, as stars. Though in 2004 Kate Tunstall became instantly famous all over the world with the debut album Eye To The Telescope. Her fame was a consequance of one incredibly lucky accident. Tunstall got an opportunity to sing a song in Later with Jools Holland after a scheduled artist suddenly refused from the performance. Kate had only 24 hours to get ready, but she managed to take the maximum out of the solo perfomance of the song called Black Horse And The Cherry Tree. The next day she woke up as a celebrity, her debut disc was sold soon in millions. This year KT Tunstall decided that it is high time to write the continuation of her fairy tail and released Drastic Fantastic.

Drastic Fantastic: all great things are simple

Eye To The Telescope charmed the listeners by the explosive mix of pop, folk and alternative rock with clear, in some places acoustic sound. Tunstall cleverly preserved this conception on Drastic Fantastic, so music remained the same in many respects. It was very wise of KT Tunstall to make rocky Hold On the first single from the album. The song contains tons of energy, taking Kate back to her folk roots and reminding in a way Black Horse And The Cherry Tree that brought her the fame. Another noticeable folk-flavoured track on Drastic Fantastic is a lovely ballad White Bird. I Don't Want You Now is a very pleasant upbeat composition with the kind of the chorus that can spin in the brain all day long. Touching and lyrical Funnyman is devoted to the artist's friend, having mental health problems. The album contains three beautiful acoustic ballads close to the end; they are Beauty of Uncertainty, Someday Soon and Paper Airplane. The last mentioned track is especially memorable due to the Celtic motives in the melody. Drastic Fantastic closes with the vivacious live bonus track Suddenly I See.

Conscious celebrity

KT Tunstall has a gift for writing wonderful melodies and brilliantly proved it again on Drastic Fantastic. Besides, the quality of the record is gorgeous in spite of minimalistic sound. It can be explained by the fact that the album was produced by Steve Osbourne, who worked over Kate's debut disc and is responsible for the quality of U2 and Rolling Stones creations. So Kate prefers working with professionals. But it is not the only side of her consciousness. This instant rock star is famous for hard work with the public on the questions of environmental protection. KT Tustall, famous for her twisting live performances, toured all over the U.S. exclusively on an environmentally friendly biodiesel bus and signed a contract over the first disc and Drastic Fantastic with CarbonNeutral company for forest protection. Her rock is not only not dead, it has already given live to more than 5000 trees. And all Tunstall's creativity remind of a person, not spoilt by civilization, resting in the work merely on her strong voice, guitar masterity and talent. When you buy Drastic Fantastic, remember: delighting Scottish rock saves the forests of the planet!