Tiger Suit

Studio Album by released in 2010

Tiger Suit review

KT Tunstall’s most personal work

The girl with guitar, the possessor of a bit hoarse voice with a very nice timbre, KT Tunstall is an idol of many a listener now. She has been dreaming about it since she decided to become a rock star, and her path is a direct proof that one should remain faithful to one’s dream no matter what. It is no secret that she jumped to popularity due to an occasion, a gift that destiny could make only to an honest musician who knows well what she wants. Surprising as it may be, KT has remained the same nice, simple and serious girl as she was before being such a success. She pays much attention, devotes a lot of time and money to environmental protection, uses ecologically friendly material actively and assists in reforestation. As for Tunstall’s material she always writes about herself and her relations with the world, with people, with herself. Her third album Tiger Suit is not an exception; it has colored the dark autumn days with its danceable and optimistic mood and proves to be her most personal work in many ways.

Electronic beats that combine harmoniously with folk elements

The album Tiger Suit is different from the records Eye To The Telescope and Drastic Fantastic first of all because of electronic beats that combine harmoniously with folk elements, an essential component of KT Tunstall’s music. Naturally, her guitar remains the main sound source with KT’s effortless playing, and on the whole the arrangements are still carried out at the highest possible level. The album opens with the unusually titled song Uummannaq Song, pleasing with a danceable rhythm and introspection in the lyrics. Even more radical changes appear on Glamour Puss – this song displays KT’s somewhat cynical side which is not at all unbecoming to her. The contrast between the soft verse and a more aggressive chorus, frank lyric and a contagious electronic beat make Glamour Puss one of the record’s highlights. Almost a house beat on Push That Knot Away carries on a dialogue with splendid Western-spirited guitars and high notes in Tunstall’s vocals, whereas the composition Difficulty goes even farther than that: unimaginable electronic hooks and KT’s no less fantastic singing create almost a rave track full of some passionate despair. Contagious guitars and a glockenspiel on Fade Like A Shadow underline the singer’s powerful voice, and the song Lost gains momentum slowly to turn into an up-tempo pop melody. The album’s second part is a bit sifter and more similar to what Tunstall has done before – these are ballads Golden Frames and (Still A) Weirdo, sparkling fast numbers Come On, Get In and Madame Trudeaux and the original final ballad The Entertainer.

Tiger Suit is turning to the ‘wilder’ side

Sincere and open but serious and modest at the same time KT has written the songs for Tiger Suit thinking of her inner world. The album title itself is not an occasion. The thing is that the singer had one dream in the past which repeated several times. In that dream she saw a tiger in her garden and went out to caress it but as she returned home she was fearful. KT could not understand why the tiger would not hurt her for years until she figured out that she was wearing a tiger suit, and the beast had taken her for its mate. And when the artist found out that the current year was symbolized by a tiger according to the Chinese calendar, she had no more doubt how to name the album and what cover art to make – it is KT wearing a stripy sweater. From this point of view the album’s 11 tracks can be considered as Tunstall’s turning to her ‘wilder’ side, exploring how music can reflect it. Therefore the fans will definitely appreciate this KT Tunstall who has opened herself anew, and one is only left to be glad that this girl is able to draw inspiration from her inner world, like for instance her dreams, and brings creation and actions with magnificent results to the outer sphere.