Studio Album by released in 2007

X review

Kylie Minogue's tenth studio work

Earlier this year the Australian pop star has released a brilliant collection of her best works Showgirl Homecoming which embraces the twenty years of her career. Having made some conclusions the singer has decided not to hesitate too long before releasing the next studio creation. Kylie Minogue's tenth album X has become the first commercial release after a four year hiatus connected with health. Luckily all the problems are now left behind, and the thirty-nine-year old is back with an album that demonstrates her loyalty to the dance pop formula that made her world famous. Realizing that with the tough competition and the appearance of new young singers like Rihanna for instance she cannot do without producers Kylie has turned to such professionals as Calvin Harris, Bloodshy and Avant and of course invited favorite songwriters Guy Chambers and Cathy Dennis. As a result X has proved to be a stylish, fresh and true Kylie Minogue's album, and one can say for sure that some of its songs will become hits in the nearest future.

On X main stake is made on beat

Listening to X's joyful, bold and sensual songs one could never think that Kylie's life has not been very fine lately. Nevertheless, she has always remained one of the sexiest vocalists on the world scene, and her voice on X is pleases with the harder notes appearing on some tracks. The record's main stake is obviously made on beat that lets Kylie demonstrate the best of performance. The album opens with a successful single 2 Hearts, a glam spirited composition with a simplistic but catchy melody. A contagious beat and calling lyrics of In My Arms make the song one of the album's highlights, and Speakerphone is rather an electronic work featuring stylized vocals. Different from the rest of the album song Sensitized is remarkable for an amazing arrangement that is filled with joy and fun and a tune to linger in your mind. Obvious hit The One with a mainstream instrumentation is a nice danceable track, whereas No More Rain is the only composition that hints at the singer's weakness and her being a human being able to lose and then again obtain hope. Stars is simply ready to go straightly to night clubs reminding of such smashers as It's In Your Eyes, and Wow is the most easy going song on X. Also different is electronic experiment Nu Di Ty which can be appreciated by the fans of Robbie Williams' Rudebox. The album closes with the romantic track Cosmic proving that whichever mood the singer chooses to sing with she always remains herself.

Bright, self confident and brilliant pop princess

Kylie Minogue is a fragile woman of a small height that is able to fire up a many thousand crowd in no time. Her hypnotizing dances and interesting videos that are often very beautiful are known to everyone, and with each new album new surprises are expected from the singer. With X she has by no means disappointed her fans. First of all, to understand which exactly the song has become the most successful one you will have to give the record more than one listening for the greatest part of the songs can undoubtedly boast a whole list of advantages from arrangements to Kylie's flawless vocals. Second, the singer keeps up with the times, and the producers' works have become of major importance to her which could not help being reflected on X. Finally it is Minogue's feeling of a tune that is destined to success that has determined the selection of the album's material, and the time will show that she can trust her intuition as nobody else. Bright, self confident and brilliant, pop princess Kylie has once again confirmed her status presenting the world with a charming pop record that we have been longing for four years, and it was worth it.