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Ladyhawke review

The gifted girl from the musical family

Phillipa Pip Brown, more known for her scenic name Ladyhawke (she called herself after the movie Ladyhawke), was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1981. Her mother is a singer, while her stepfather is a drummer. He taught the girl how to play the drums, and later she learned to play more than ten instruments. In childhood, the future artist was diagnosed Asperger's syndrome. It is a rare type of autism, with which a person can have ordinary or even high intellect, but he or she can have difficulties in communication. Nevertheless, it did not stop the gifted artist to go in for music. For some time, Ladyhawke based and developed musically in Sidney, Australia, but eventually she moved to London, the UK. Interested in the music of 80's, the singer wrote songs, centered mostly over the synthesizers and electro guitar. Her works were often compared to the ones by American artist Peaches and two women met soon afterwards. Peaches even made a remix on the hit titled Paris Is Burning by Ladyhawke. The first single by the artist Back Of The Van was released this year and did not perform in the charts, while the following songs - the aforementioned Paris Is Burning and Dusk Till Dawn (Feat. Pascal Gabriel) - assuredly debuted in the British and the New Zealand charts. Both compositions are also supplied by interesting and haunting videos. This autumn, Ladyhawke finished her self-titled debut.

Strikingly emotional love songs on Ladyhawke

The album Ladyhawke is an extremely emotional edition. Its lyrics are filled with fresh and unexpected images and metaphors. No wonder, as the majority of the songs are devoted to the topic of love and emotions that it raises in the heart of a woman. The disc Ladyhawke is opened with the dark and frenzy composition Magic, on which the singer compares her feelings, which are caused by love, with incantation. The daring track Manipulating Woman with the catchy chorus follows it. This song strongly reminds of the introspective lyrics by Cyndi Lauper. The electronic tracks My Delirium with the colorful, tragic lyrics and pulsating rhythm is definitely one of the brightest moments of the long-play. The track Better Than Sunday is an excellent pop number, while the following tune Another Runaway is memorable for its moody and rocky guitar riff. The melody Love Don't Live Here with the gorgeous beat became a striking narration of relations falling apart and hard time of recreation. The single Back Of The Van with the desperate chorus goes on the theme of parting and suffering. The romantic and a bit scary single Paris Is Burning, in which the singer dwells upon the moments when there is no time for love, draws a horrid yet mesmerizing picture of the city of love and romance set on fire. Ladyhawke wrote this song after the travel to France. The sparkling piece of electronic balladry Morning Dreams reminds of early Madonna and closes the disc.

The new original star Ladyhawke

The debut disc of the twenty-seven-year-old artist Ladyhawke is surprisingly mature and original. The point is not in the fact that she sings about love, but how she does it. She sings with self-oblivion and rave, using unique and sometimes even frightening images and comparisons. In spite of the fact, that the disc was inspired by the music of 80's of the twentieth century, which is obviously of great interest for Ladyhawke, the disc sounds extremely up-to-date and ingenuous. Moreover, on the wave of interest to the music of the past century such outstanding work is sure to catch attention. The singer definitely was in the right place and in the right time to make an original and versatile record. The disc Ladyhawke features heartbreaking ballads, power-pop compositions and winding pop rock tracks. The voice of the artist also deserves notion for its emotionality and pleasant timber. On the disc, one is sure to feel not only the huge potential of Ladyhawke, but also the complicatedness and hidden revelations inside her lyrics. Nowadays, when elementary and two-phrased pop songs gave way to philosophic tracks and it became fashionable to be an intellectual star, Ladyhawke is sure to find her place in the contemporary pop music. Although she sings mostly about her own sensations, her feeling will definitely be familiar to those, who listen to her music, as love in this or that sense is known to everyone. It is exactly the case, when intimate and frank texts are universal. After such a strong debut as Ladyhawke, the sophomore record must be something monumental to overdo the first long-play.