Studio Album by released in 2009

Echo review

Leona Lewis is not wasting her time

Each time a talent contest winner becomes popular often due to a TV show as it has happened to Leona Lewis and many other participants of The X Factor it is quite hard to predict how his or her career is going to go further. The risk is high concerning whether the artist is going to last or release simply one or two successful albums and then all will forget about one unless this artist does his best to support and multiply one’s own success. As for Ms Lewis there is obviously nothing to worry about in this case – the girl had wanted badly, really badly to become a singer long before she got to the program so she is pretty well aware that it is no use wasting time. So when all the singles from Lewis’ debut album Spirit had not even become old at radios stations, when the singer had hardly finished her debut album tour she already began working on the new material. Finally after collaborating with different producers, after working in several Los-Angeles studios Leona Lewis sophomore effort Echo is ready. To say that it completely justifies hopes means to say nothing. The album Echo really surprises in a good way, amazes and pleases and if you like soulful pop music of good quality you are sure not to pass this work by.

Richer arrangements and the live performances effect on Echo

Unlike the debut album with a perfectly polished studio sounding Echo pleases with some richer arrangements and the live performances effect on some of the tracks. The album opens with the first single Happy, a very beautiful and memorable ballad which is sure to become a hit. A wonderfully simple love anthem I Got You, a more up-tempo song, has proved one of the most soulful on the album while Can't Breathe is remarkable for and unbelievably stylish accompaniment with vivid drums and electronic effects combining greatly with Leona’s powerful vocals. Yet to estimate all the singer’s capacities as they deserve it is almost obligatory to listen to the ballad Brave – it does not only have a distinct structure but also an amazingly beautiful tune with an oriental flavor. The album has offered quite standard pop material until now but on the song Outta My Head Leona steps into a new territory for her as this is a ready club hit. The ballad My Hands also allows Lewis demonstrate her vocals although it is far from the most original compositions on the album whereas the song Love Letter is another danceable number with a contagious beat and a pop tune which you will surely sing in your head very soon. Another piano ballad Broken proves to be one of the best tracks on the record – it does not only please with an effective tune but also with some deeply thought lyrics. A surprise here is the Oasis cover Stop Crying Your Heart Out that sounds no less sensual and sad in Leona Lewis’ interpretation. The album closes with the composition Lost Then Found featuring OneRepublic convincing that Leona’s vocals can sound beautiful not only solely but in a duet as well.

A talented and ambitious performer

Leona Lewis is not simply a talented singer of which there are quite a lot in the world nowadays. Her example ought to show some less successful artists how important it is to follow one’s dream even if all the circumstances are against it. As it turns out it was her last attempt that Leona’s talent finally got valued as it deserves although she could well never even go to probe for The X Factor. Nevertheless everything happened in such a way that today the whole world knows this singer. Lewis’ second album Echo confirms her fame of one of the world’s leading pop-divas leaving no doubt that now success is going to accompany her in everything she does: her voice ranger has become even wider and the singer feels much more confident on the whole. The record Echo is far from everything that Leona has been planning – for instance, she has tried to record compositions with Timbaland and thinks to work more purposefully with him quite soon. So we are only left to enjoy the album Echo and wait for new surprises from this talented and ambitious performer.