In the Maybe World

Studio Album by released in 2006

In the Maybe World review

The most professional and unusual album Lisa Germano has ever made

The Italian American singer and songwriter Lisa Germano, masterfully playing violin, piano and guitar, has had enough rises and falls in her music career. As a solo artist she has released six albums and two collections of greatest hits, and apart from that she has often worked as a collaborator with various artists including Sheryl Crow and David Bowie. What distinguishes her among other folk and pop singers is the ability to use different styles and as a result it is often hard to refer her music to any concrete direction. Lisa Germano has a soft voice that blends wonderfully with her favorite violin. The themes the singer chooses for her works are mostly unexpectedly serious. Her previous album, Lullaby for Liquid Pig, was devoted to various kinds of addiction and their consequences. This July Lisa released In The Maybe World, an album all the songs of which are connected with death in all possible meanings of the word. Germano’s quiet vocals permit the beautiful instrumentation sound distinct, and at times there is something hypnotizing in the singer’s voice. In The Maybe World is the most professional and unusual album Lisa Germano has ever made.

The songs on In The Maybe World are mostly fatalistic

The songs on In The Maybe World are mostly fatalistic, only a few being filled with hope and faith in love. The personal frank song Too Much Space is full of sadness and regret about unpleasant things in life, while the tuneful Golden Cities deals with the death of Lisa Germano’s cat, and the slow rhythm of the song evokes the image of burning candles. On the philosophical Into Oblivion the singer is considering the idea of the after-life and wonders what is waiting for us there. The beautiful melody and strange falsetto chorus accompanied by the minor key piano make In The Land Of Fairies one if the most memorable songs on the record, and the true-to-life Red Thread goes about the end of a relationship, with Lisa Germano performing a fight between a man and a woman that leads to the death of their romance. A gentle song A Seed is devoted to the fragility of love, and the down-tempo piano ballad Except For The Ghosts touches with its sensibility. The final composition After Monday is refined with the elements of experimentation and consisting of unusual guitar sounding and ends the album on a hopeful note. Both the tunes and the lyrics on In The Maybe World are completely amazing.

In The Maybe World is a multilayer creation

Lisa Germano has been often considered an outcast for her strange style and topics uncharacteristic neither for folk nor for pop music. The singer however pays little attention to critics and keeps on writing songs which make many feel quite uncomfortable, for she believes that a real music is meant to unbalance the listeners and cause them to think. Lisa makes an accent on the instruments and transcription rather than her vocals, which may sound both fragile and confident. In The Maybe World is a very intimate collection of short ballads filled with Lisa’s deepest feelings and changing our ideas of music on the whole. Her lyrics are strikingly honest, and the violin can make any song a masterpiece. Concerning Germano’s works they are especially expressive for the singer knows exactly how to join her instrument skills and pleasant voice into a combination that goes straight into your heart. From the first hearing one can mishear all the nuances and the quietest moments, without which the impression of the album would be incomplete. In The Maybe World is a multilayer creation, and unless you are looking for peace in your soul and like easygoing music it is a perfect choice for you.