Catching a Tiger

Studio Album by released in 2010

Catching a Tiger review

Critics are never tired of praising Lissie’s vocals and lyrics

Lissie Maurus known as simply Lissie is considered a folk singer but her music covers a way wider stylistic diapason. Releasing her EP Why You Runnin' last November Lissie has attracted the attention of both the critics and radio stations at once and it just could be any other way. First, it was the singer’s voice, sometimes similar to a boy’s, very soulful and a bit sad that surprised and admired the audience. Second everyone felt a great love in her songs about nature, and the themes of relations proved to be as soulful and sincere as ever. Finally the tunes composed by Maurus are really good and easy to memorize making her music interesting for a widest circle of listeners. This summer the singer releases her debut record Catching A Tiger which has become one of the brightest releases this year. Critics are never tired of praising Lissie’s vocals and lyrics whereas the audience listens to her songs at home, while driving and in their MP3 players at a walk.

Harmony and professionalism on Catching A Tiger

The album Catching A Tiger offers 12 tracks, two bonus compositions and lasts a bit later than an hour but you are sure to hear some songs you will want to replay. The instrumentation is carried out at a very professional level on the record, so Lissie’s vocals is united harmoniously with guitars, piano, fiddles, synthesizer and a rich folk percussion. The album opens with a mid-tempo song Record Collector with a contagious rhythm making you rock your head with the music and nice falsetto notes in the singer’s voice, as well as a very unusual bridge. A more up-tempo track When I'm Alone proves to be one of the best pieces about sad love: Lissie impetuously and distinctly sings each word on the verse and then explodes on the emotional chorus. On the album’s first single In Sleep the singer plays the role of a very talented story-teller, while one of the album’s highlights Little Lovin' is filled with country freedom and attention to the dear nature. Practically a rock song Loosen The Knot conquers with electro guitars and a contagious chorus and could be an indie-band’s hit, whereas a very beautiful folk ballad Everywhere I Go reminds of Noah And The Whale and Sinead O’Connor’s works at the same time. Another romantic mid-tempo composition Worried About is not devoid of self-irony, and the ballad Look Away once again conquers with a wonderful instrumental background and a most beautiful tune. The final track Oh Mississippi built around piano chords can be rightfully considered the gentlest and most soulful on the album.

Honesty, soulfulness and kindness

Getting fond of music yet as a child Lissie understood a long time ago that only this sphere could make her feel really comfortable. Completing several semesters at the university she got absorbed in the creative work. During her studies she would open concerts practically for every artist that came in her native Rock Island, Illinois, and then she recorded the hit All My Life with DJ Harry, that has become a soundtrack for several series at once, including House. Taking into account the incredible success of Lissie’s debut album one can easily guess that a brilliant career is expecting her ahead, perhaps she will try her hand at some other genres, because her voice is reach and opens an impressive choice of variants for her. As for Catching A Tiger, this record is going to become an irreplaceable refinement of every music collection be its owner a pop music or a classic rock fan – everyone can find something for oneself in Lissie’s music: honesty, soulfulness and kindness do not recognize any limitations or classifications.