Marcus Collins

Studio Album by released in 2012

Marcus Collins review

Marcus Collins – a new name on the world stage

The show The X Factor is incredibly popular in Britain and far beyond, and that is hardly surprising. Eight seasons have already passed, but the program does not seem to be losing its topicality, while the ratings remain high as usual. Thus, another season finished in 2011, and the first prize was taken by the band Little Mix, which consists of four performers. That group proved to be notable indeed, but still it was quite hurtful to Marcus to concede them the victory. However to get to the finals of The X Factor is a great achievement by itself, actually. Collins got a lot of attention from music lovers and numerous experts, and that was an important thing. Moreover, the songs that were performed by Marcus contributed to his success on the show as well. Judge by yourself: there was vivid song Hey Ya! by the American duo Outkast, more calm and melodiousness Kiss from a Rose by the British master of soul music Seal and many others, not less significant and bright. Such a diversity of moods let the musician demonstrate his performing skills in a full volume, but the best part was that Collins, while singing other artists’ songs, managed to show his own unique style. Well, that was a good chance of winning in general and a good possibility for Marcus to find his place on the world stage. Recently Collins’ debut long play saw the light, and that record will help to understand, what goals the young artist wants to achieve.

The musician’s first steps

In spite of the wonderful performance at The X Factor, many people will consider Marcus’ first album to be his first serious step, and there are reasons to think that way, actually. At the show Collins had to follow certain rules, while working on his record he could create anything he wanted. That is why it so interesting to get acquainted with the fresh and intriguing long play. The album is opened by an interesting interpretation of the song Seven Nation Army by the loud rockers The White Stripes. Well, the composition got an absolutely new sound, which means that Marcus established his own style. Thereby Collins’ music absorbed all the best features of such genres as soul, pop-music, rhythm and blues and others. Nevertheless, the main role in every single song on the album is taken by the singer’s vocals, which was quite expectable, after all. For example, Love & Hate demonstrates the power of Marcus’ voice. The romantic and life-asserting Don't Surrender continues and develops the main topic of the album – optimism. You will not find slow tracks on that studio attempt, and that is quite clear why. Young and full of energy Collins is happy to share his overfilling emotions, and the time of mid-tempo songs, obviously, has not come yet.

Collins is a promising artist

The young performers have always been and still remain highly interesting for both experts and listeners. Music lovers are sure glad to get new music of high quality; meanwhile critics can try guessing how the career of this or that artist will develop. Marcus Collins had already proved that within the context of such a serious competition as The X Factor he could display his abilities in the best way. Right now he has no limits at all, but at the same time he does not have any more or less direct instructions. Collins got the total freedom of action, and Marcus’ debut album showed what kind of music lets the artist express himself the best. Live, energetic and optimistic – this seems to be good characteristics of a long play. You will get more than half an hour of amazing creations that can be easily called a great cocktail of soul, rhythm and blues and related genres. All the connoisseurs of these musical directions just have to get acquainted with that album – positive emotions are guaranteed!