United Abominations

Studio Album by released in 2007

United Abominations review

Megadeth keep thrash alive


2000's is not thrash oriented decade, that's quite obvious. Everybody play any kind of metal but this speedy genre, yes old monsters do keep it alive but they are few in number and young bands unfortunately don't seem to have enough strength and willingness to hold the falling banner of this once so proud genre. However it is all quite natural, things change, time flies, and so on and so forth… if you want some thrash, play Rust In Peace and stay satisfied. But honestly speaking this situation is not the one you would like to accept. Therefore, the fact that Megadeth released new album in this year gains a certain special value, all the more United Abominations turned out to be probably the most attractive album of this legendary band since Cryptic Writings. According to the words of the band's unchallenged leader Dave Mustaine the album could take place either before Rust In Peace or after Countdown To Extinction. You must admit that this is a really promising statement and what is more important it is fair one. The album successfully joins heavy element's of Megadeth's early period with melodic of their latter ones.       

The album's material reminds Megadeth of early 90's

United Abominations is 11th Megadeth album and actually Dave Mustaine's second solo record. His former The System Has Failed released in 2004 is comparable with loud comebacks of different rock super stars like Aerosmith or AC/DC as in point of fact Megadeth officially declared about band's break up as far back as 2002. However the disbandment changed nothing, Mustaine simply became the only permanent band's member. And if The System Have Failed was a sufficiently good attempt than United Abominations sounds much more interesting. Mustaine is not trying to surpass himself; he is just doing what he is best at – plays great metal riffs, fast solos and spitefully sneers at politics in his famous snarling manner. The album's charm lies in its material, which includes many things that made Megadeth one of the hugest thrash bands in the world. It would be suffice to listen to Sleepwalker to understand that Mustaine wants to sound fast and heavy. Such songs as Gears Of War or You're Dead demonstrate old school Megadeth - dense, dark and angry. Though the majority of the material still sounds more like post Countdown To Extinction albums. The songs are played mostly in mid tempo and rarely contain complex structures. Washington Is Next! is the main hit of the album, it is fast, melodic and politically driven, the song could perfectly fit the track list of Youthanasia.         

United Abominations is classic Megadeth album

The album contains a version of famous Megadeth's song A Tout Le Monde originally released in 1994. It is not quite clear why Mustaine decided to re-record his old hit. Actually the new songs sound strong enough and don't require such a support. The track differs from the original version only in sound and appearance of Lacuna Coil's songstress Cristina Scabbia, nevertheless the song is quite pleasant to listen to. As concerns the production work, United Abominations resembles recent Megadeth's albums in many respects, the songs sound in tune with times. Due to such an approach the album became a peculiar mixture of everything that the band achieved during the longtime career. It features a powerful riffing, speedy bridges, abundance of guitar shredding and trademark sound. In a word United Abominations represents thrash metal of 2000's, that kind of music that you could expect from Megadeth in 2007, any fan of the band will listen these songs with pleasure. The fact that Mustaine didn't shift to rock music direction but decided to get back to his heavy elements instead makes you feel especially glad. And though he claims that he doesn't know if there will be another Megadeth album in the future you can hardly believe it; judging by the new songs he is not short on energy or inspiration even despite he is 45.