Beautiful Intentions

Studio Album by released in 2005

Beautiful Intentions review

As a member of the Spice Girls, Mel C has sold in excess of 30 million albums worldwide. As a solo artist, Melanie Chisholm has sold over eight million singles and albums and enjoyed numerous #1 hits around the world. Incredibly Melanie has co-written 11 UK number 1 singles- more than any other female artist in chart history. She is one of the most successful British female artists of the last decade. Passionate and fiercely creative, her new album, Beautiful Intentions, released April 11th is a genuine testament to her talent and determination and the realization of a long held dream. Melanie C is back and better than ever.

The subject matter of all the songs is personal to Melanie but not necessarily confessional. Melanie co-writes all the songs on the album except the anthemic rocker and first single, Next Best Superstar written by Adam Argyle. The song is a comment on celebrity culture and the perils of instant fame. Another album highlight, Better Alone, is a song about feeling let down and learning how to deal with a loss. Other album highlights include the addictive and compulsive, You Will See, the gorgeous Good Girl and the utterly infectious Never Say Never. Beautiful Intentions, the title track opens with a hard guitar riff and really brings you into Melanie’s hard rock sound. This song is about being able to see whether or not someone likes you. Last Night on Earth, the kind of fun rocker song on the album, makes you want to rock out. You Will See is getting deeper and deeper into the rock sound, and Melanie's vocals are really good on this. A haunting melody begins Here and Now and then moves into a more mellow ballad. We move back to the rock sound into Take Your Pleasure, which is about someone taking pleasure from Melanie's pain. The final song on the album You'll Get Yours is a beautiful ballad, which really shows off Mel's vocals well.

Beautiful Intentions is stuffed with anthemic rock hits and deeply personal songs, developed over a period of nine action packed months. It undoubtedly has a live energy and a remarkable sense of cohesion, which Melanie, in part, attributes to working with the one producer, Greg Haver, whose credits include Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals and Catatonia. The sound of the album is a true reflection of Melanie’s influences and passions. A fusion of rock and pop, Beautiful Intentions is characterized by Melanie’s distinctive and expressive voice. Although the album has a definite shape and sense of unity, the sound of the album is varied and blessed with a number of touching moments and enchanting melodies. Having written all but one track, Melanie is definitely showing off her lyricism and it really seems to be improving from album to album. It shows she has put so much work and effort into this album, crafting it to be the best.