My One and Only Thrill

Studio Album by released in 2009

My One and Only Thrill review

Melody Gardot’s sophomore effort is admirable in every way

There is hardly another story in the world similar to the one behind the entire creative work of the jazz singer Melody Gardot. She got into a severe car accident at the age of 19 and it was the music therapy that helped her to recover. By that time the girl had played only piano and she learnt to play guitar while supine. It was also then that a songwriting talent revealed itself. The singer’s first creation was the EP Some Lessons, then a full length recording Worrisome Heart was released. Melody writes all the material herself stating that the songwriting process occurs unconsciously the only thing she feels being the energy. This year the singer releases her sophomore effort My One And Only Thrill produced by Larry Klein that unlike the previous album proves to be much more profound in the respect of arrangements and the recording quality on the whole. We are only left to be glad that Melody has managed to find time in the tough touring schedule for studio recording and My One And Only Thrill is admirable in every way.

Really beautiful arrangements on My One And Only Thrill

The album consists of 11 tracks 10 of which are written by Melody Gardot and only one is a cover. Stylistically My One And Only Thrill is a bit livelier jazz collection refined with the singer’s sultry vocals and really beautiful arrangements. Each of the compositions on the album is remarkable for a low tempo, a bit sad atmosphere and a wonderful softness of performance. The record opens with Baby I'm A Fool pleasing with splendid cellos and fiddles, a melodious guitar and soulful lyrics which everyone in love is going to understand. The song If The Stars Were Mine has a more playful attitude corresponding the text: here we find Melody dreaming about what she could do for her beloved and is happy with her dreams herself. One of the album’s most contagious tracks Who Will Comfort Me pleases with a rhythmic finger clacking, splendid back vocals and Gradot’s laughing at the end of the song while Your Heart Is As Black As Night is a beautiful composition that seems to have been written especially to be played in a luxurious restaurant: piano and winds are talking to each other sound as though they exist separately from the vocals. Another example of marvelous violins is the song Our Love Is Easy filled with the deepest melancholy, and the track in French Les Etoiles conquers with an unexpectedly sprightly percussion. One of the most significant compositions on the album is The Rain with a very interesting and complicated tune and an arrangement that perfectly harmonizes with Melody’s singing. The title song proves to be the longest one on the album, over 6 minutes, and is one of the sincerest love confessions you have ever heard. Surprising is Gardot’s interpretation of Arlen And Harburg’s famous song Over The Rainbow, which for the first time gets painted with Brazilian colors and the album closer is another variant of the romantic track If The Stars Were Mine (Orchestral Version).

Original material that can be easily taken for classic

Melody Gardot’s unique story is able to inspire anybody even if he or she is not interested in jazz music as it is. The interesting thing is that her vocals could go perfectly well for unobtrusive and light pop music as it can boast enough of the true feminine sensuality that brings success to the young pop starlets. Yet it seems to be all determined for Melody from the very beginning. Since childhood she has been fond of such performer’s works as Janis Joplin, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and George Gershwin and she can now contribute herself to the word jazz culture. What is characteristic of all her original songs is their being so good that one can easily take them for classics and that definitely stands high. One can be sure that despite her quite young age – Melody hasn’t even reached 25 – a brilliant future is expecting this singer and her name is going become one of the most important in the world of jazz in no time. And the excellent album My One And Only Thrill is sure to play a meaningful part in that.