The Crystal Axis

Studio Album by released in 2010

The Crystal Axis review

Midnight Juggernauts, the most inventive indie trio of the present days

The Australian band Midnight Juggernauts was formed in 2004 and was first comprised of Andrew Szekeres and Vincent Vendetta who went to the same school. The guys met Daniel Stricker two years later. At first they released EPs and singles including Shadows, the song that got famous not only in Australia but also in Great Britain and the USA. The musicians released material under various titles using live instruments, pedals and digital technologies to create their unusual pieces. Although their music is hard to refer to any particular style one can always feel a special message, emotions in the midst of varied beats, effects, instrumental and vocal parts which is a rare thing in electronic music. Their debut album Dystopia was released in August 2007 to prove even better than one could expect after those successful singles, and this year the sophomore effort Crystal Axis confirms Midnight Juggernauts reputation of the most inventive indie trio of the present days.

Human emotions, dreaming and fantasies on Crystal Axis

The album Crystal Axis is a much more mature, integral and down-to-earth work than Dystopia. If Midnight Juggernauts’ debut record rather resembled a sci-fi space movie soundtrack or that of the deep water world filming then Crystal Axis offers more human emotions, life, though it definitely has room for dreaming and fantasies. The tracks flow one into another which is characteristic of many electronic collections. The album opens with the introduction Induco, a great example of how one can use synthesizer to create a mesmerizing, a bit worrisome composition. The song Vital Signs is a bit reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s works and conquers with an impetuous beat, whereas a danceable number Lifeblood Flow is refined with beautiful female vocals and choral elements combining fine with the singer’s low muffled voice. One of the highlights This New Technology illustrates the band’s interest in rock genre with a retro coloring – this song could easily be a 1980s hit and yet it sounds wonderfully fresh and contemporary. The composition Lara Versus The Savage Pack is a completely another story: an incredibly contagious danceable beat built on a bold guitar riff, a most beautiful melody and fantastic effects make it another aspiring hit. The song Cannibal Freeway is remarkable for a soft psychodelic beginning and a slightly tense body with a lot of lyrics. The album’s longest track Fade To Red proves to be one of the stylish due to a vivid tune and unearthly sounds. The almost 9 minute long remix This New Technology (Emperor Machine Remix) closes the album’s Special Edition on a contagious danceable note.

Many-layered, fantastically beautiful and original songs

Andrew Szerekes and Vincent Vendetta’s creations could be compared only to themselves from the very beginning. The French electronic duo Justice called Midnight Juggernauts its new favorite act and invited the musicians to take part in its USA tour in 2007, an invitation they took gladly and cancelled a number of previously planned performances. This spontaneity, readiness for changing can be felt in Midnight Juggernauts’ music, too. The record Crystal Axis is filled with the sense of freedom and a man’s desire to fly. There is practically no aggression, hatred or anger here, just a bit of concern and tenseness necessary for the contrast. The song structure on Crystal Axis is more precise and definite than on the debut album, and there are more interesting thoughts of human nature in the lyrics. Yet all the words are helpless and unable to describe this music – in order to make sure how talented the Australian musicians are one is strongly recommended to listen to these many-layered, fantastically beautiful and original songs.