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Breakout review

The girl from the artistic family

Miley Cyrus was born into the family of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and her birth name was Destiny Hope, as her parents had great expectations about the girl. The child began to assure their optimism at the very early age. It should be said that Miley was born into the artistic family - her elder half-brother Trace if the vocalist for rock band Metro Station, while her younger sister Noah is an actress. Miley - as she was called for her constant smile from the word "smiley" - demonstrated her acting talent at the age of nine. Her big screen debut was the small, but extremely influential role in the Big Fish film by Tim Burton. At the age of twelve, Miley auditioned for the main role in the new Disney Channel show Hanna Montana. She was refused due to being too young. However, Miley's talent and persistence were the major factors in her favor - after the second audition she was unanimously approved for the role. The show about teenager Miley Stewart, whose alter ego was pop star Hanna Montana, was a great sensation in the US. Like her character, about which Disney Channel shoots the film now, Miley decided to start her solo career and released the debut album as the second part of the double edition Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. However, the Breakout disc of 2008 became her first real solo achievement.

Breakout: cute pop rock tunes and teenage jolliness of Miley

The young singer not only perfectly performed the tracks for Breakout, but also took part in writing of the majority of the material for the disc. Taking in consideration her age of fifteen years, it is praiseworthy at least. In musical style, Miley Cyrus did not go far from the creativity presented in the Hannah Montana series, but there are several crucial differences. Firstly, Miley made a strong accent on the thick guitar sound - it is especially noticeable on such songs as the aggressive, outrageous Fly On The Wall and the titling Breakout. Besides, the songs on Breakout are not as light-headed as the ones the girl presented in the series. The tracks from the disc will fascinate both the crazy about Cyrus teens and older pop music fans. For example, the disc features the emotional, winding pop tune 7 Things about qualities of an ideal boyfriend and pleading environment-conscious song Wake Up America. The cover for Cindy Lauper's hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is swirling and artistic, but a little predictable as Miley already performed it on concerts along with the teen idols The Cheeta Girls. The album has also wonderful love ballads, like the lyrical The Driveway or impressively mature Bottom Of The Ocean. The track Simple Song shows Cyrus as the lost, standing on the crossway girl - the situation that is familiar to both teenagers and grownups.

The impressively mature work for young Miley Cyrus

The Breakout disc became an extremely significant step in the career of Miley Cyrus as it is her first work, which is not connected to the Hannah Montana franchise. After the scandal around half-naked photos of Miley in Vanity Fair and her promise to make a mature album, the public kept the breath, expecting the metamorphosis in the style of Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. However, Miley did nothing of it - moreover, on the Breakout disc Cyrus managed to keep the balance, which is a result of hard search in her awkward age. No doubt, that she grew up a lot since the times of playing the pop star in the Hannah Montana series. Will the public take Miley outside the role of the favorite character? The answer is the definite yes as the young singer and actor is fascinating enough without playing someone. The sound on the album became more rocking, with the accent on the electric guitars, which is predictable as Matthew Wilder, known for his labor over Tragic Kingdom by ska-rockers No Doubt, produced it. Breakout was a pleasant surprise with its lyrics - it had no childish naivety, characteristic of the songs for children channels, but it also showed no traces of the teenage vulgarity, caused by the wish to seem older. Besides, the vocals by Miley Cyrus deserves the praise as it sounds both in a rich, mature way and at the same time it preserved the jolliness for which she is loved by spectators. All in all, it is one of the best tries by the actress of the children TV, who started the solo singing career.