Noah and the Whale


Noah and the Whale is a quite young formation dwelling on the Britishindie-rock stage. After releasing two albums within one year, these musicians made critics, listeners and all those who are associated with music take a close look at them. The band was assembled in 2006 in a London suburb and received such a weird name thank to the shared cinematographic preferences of its members. The thing is that all of them are true followers of director Noah Baumbach and unanimously announce that one of their most favorite movies is The Squid and the Whale. The idea of forming Noah and the Whale came to brothers Charley and Doug Fink. They also recruited Tom Hobden and Matt Owens also known as Urby Whale. While on the stage, these lads perform from time to time alongside Laura Marling whom Charley Fink thanked by producing her album Alas, I Cannot Swim. In September 2007, this band premiered their debut single 5 Years Time featuring singer Emmy The Great as a back-vocalist.

After an impressive start, Noah and the Whale gave a streak of striking shows and carried on with conquering the domestic audience in 2008. In January, they presented the sophomore single, 2 Bodies, 1 Heart. In August, their long-anticipated full-length album arrived under the title Peaceful, the World Lays me Down. Gathering mostly friendly reviews, this record reached the fifth position in the British Albums Chart. It was the best time to embark on massive tour. During the concert part of their activities, Noah and the Whales attended all biggest events in the Great Britain, including the festivals in Leeds and Glastonbury.

As soon as the band hailed the new 2009 year, the musicians went away to the studio to prepare their second log player by the summer. This time, the rock component was considerably weaker, while the electronic part gained importance. Noah and the Whale presumed to write a conceptual album about relationships, which made their lyrics even more significant and fascinating. The band also decided to work without female back vocals, a remarkable feature of their previous release. Called The First Day of Spring, the new album saw the light of days in August 2009m almost precisely a year after the release of its predecessor. Among the tracks presented on the given CD, the listeners are likely to prefer the singles The First Day of Spring, and Blue Skies, two songs that promoted the while record in a splendid way. Creating in the space bounded by rock-, folk- and pop-music, the members of Noah and the Whale at short notice earned a status of a star band and are looking forward to making even bigger accomplishments.

Studio Albums

Noah and the Whale, Heart of Nowhere mp3Heart of Nowhere
  • Folk Rock
  • Indie Pop
Noah and the Whale, Last Night on Earth mp3Last Night on Earth
The previous creation's slow, sullenly melancholic melodies have given way to the lively, rhythmic compositions on Last Night On Earth, yet not devoid of deep thoughts and vital issues, otherwise it would not be a Noah And The Whale's album
  • Indie Pop
Noah and the Whale, The First Days of Spring mp3The First Days of Spring
Noah And The Whale's sophomore effort The First Days Of Spring is the debut's worthy continuation. It is a conceptual album about breakup, and although the theme is far from new it seems that nobody has told about it in such a heartfelt way
  • Chamber Pop
  • Folk Pop
  • Indie Pop
Noah and the Whale, Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down mp3Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down
The British indie-folk quintet Noah And The Whale recorded the debut Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down. The unusual and rich sound along with the memorable tunes will make it the must-have in any collection
  • Folk Pop
  • Indie Pop