Stop The Clocks

Studio Album by released in 2006

Stop The Clocks review

Oasis has changed its initial intention

When the world first heard Oasis’ debut album Definitely Maybe it was clear that a new grand event had happened in the music culture and the band was going to be a great success. The release took place almost fifteen years ago, and since then Oasis has recorded a huge number of extremely popular singles, and its third album Be Here Now has become one the fastest selling works in chart history. The band has been signed to Sony BMG Music Entertainment, and soon the contract is going to be over. Brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher have long ago decided that the band would record a compilation only before the end of its creative activity. Last year, however, the recording company has insisted that a compilation should be released. Finally the brothers agreed, and Noel chose the best singles and b-sides himself. The result is a superb album Stop The Clocks. Most of the material is taken from Oasis’ first two albums, and the rest of the songs on Stop The Clocks are from other records and less familiar creations. Though Oasis has given up its initial intention the game has been definitely worth the candle and we now have a wonderful opportunity to hear the most famous works of a legendary collective.

Stop The Clocks

The album consists of 18 tracks, which mostly could be heard on Oasis previous works, and are those songs that were most often played in pubs and on radio stations and brought the band a world fame. The opener Rock 'N' Roll Star refers the listeners to early 1990s when the debut record saw the light of the day. The song is full of high hopes typical for young men and a never-fading optimism. B-sides, for instance Talk Tonight, add some novelty to Stop The Clocks. Such songs as Lyla and The Importance Of Being Idle are sure to please those who are fond of the early Oasis, but the classic of all time Wonderwall is going to dismiss all the doubts whether the compilation is worth purchasing. Another unforgettable composition Cigarettes & Alcohol and an emotional Live Forever are again filled with the spirit of youth. It is known that brothers Gallagher duet quite rarely, and a splendid song Acquiesce gives a lovely chance to enjoy their singing together. The album is refined with a beautiful love ballad Songbird which is Liam’s ode to Nicole Appleton of All Saints, and the final track Don't Look Back In Anger, beginning with breathtaking piano chords completes the picture of the historic sequence of Oasis creations. With all its superhits and the genre diversity Stop The Clocks is doubtless one of the year’s most significant compilations.

A best-of collection of a fundamental collective

Album Stop The Clocks is meant to draw the people’s attention to the contribution Oasis has made to the music of the 1990s. Of course Oasis’ greatest achievement is that the band has been one of the leaders of the Britpop movement along with Blur, but on the whole the Gallagher brothers and their band mates are one of the most influential musicians of the present days. New rock bands and performers often confess that Oasis has been their most favorite collective and its manner of performance has made a great impact on the young artists’ creative work. In 2005 the Guinness Book Of World Records declared Oasis the Most Successful Act Of The Last Decade In The UK. Thus a best-of collection of such a fundamental collective has turned out to be right in time, and we can be only glad that the recording company representatives have managed to persuade the brothers and musicians to create it. Oasis is going to sign a new contract with a different company, and new albums are sure to come. Besides, the band is about to unleash its first full-length film called Lord Don’t Show Me Down to celebrate the release of record Stop The Clocks. Doing so much to please its fans Oasis remains among the best and favorites of the world.