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21 review

Omarion – actor and R&B singer

Born and raised in Inglewood, California, Omari Ishmael Grandberry, better known as Omarion, R&B singer and actor, began his career at age of five. Like many of his neighborhood contemporaries, he was in danger of becoming a gang member, but his emphasis on work kept him from squandering his youth. In 2001, Omarion joined a different kind of "gang" - boy band B2K. Under the tutelage of his half-brother Marques Houston (of IMX fame), the talented Omarion was able to grow as an artist under B2K's wing, until the group split up in 2004. The unexpected breakup forced Omarion to strike out by himself, and he showed the world a style all his own. Omarion embarked on his solo career. At the end of 2006 year, Omarion released his sophomore album entitled 21. His sense of style is deeply influenced by R&B trends; it can best be described as a mix of street styles tempered with soul and romantic ballads. 21 is one of those albums you play all the way to the end without skipping to your favorite songs. 21 is taking us back to the foundation of the rhythm and blues crooners who can get us excited about listening to real music again.

The stream of thoughts about love and life

The new Omarion’s album 21 is packed with equal doses of ballads and mid-tempos and allows listeners to peep his flavor. As co-writer on many songs, Omarion hopes to show fans “a deeper insight of what goes on inside my head,” and he adds, “Love is always the topic.” Omarion’s powerful lyrics represent the stream of thoughts that he is coming into his own by truly exposing his unique talent with each track, each line and note. Ice Box is one of the first songs, which give us a quick peek at Omarion’s flair for the use of rhythmic poetry and possibly first-hand experiences. Ice Box is an all too real account of heartbreak, missed relationships, and moving beyond love’s disappointments. Midnight is the hour at which you ask yourself, “Do you know where your man is?” Well, Omarion accounts for his time with someone else at midnight with this slow, seductive ballad. He consciously knows he should be at home but instead gives in to his desire to be with someone else. Entourage is the first track on 21 that sets the right mood for an extended road trip or just laying back and enjoying the R&B groove. The other tracks on the album, for example, Beg For It and What Are We Doing, are very smooth, boisterous, intimate and sexy. Omarion’s album 21 is simply a collection of beautiful songs, sung by beautiful voice so, that the world would have no choice, but to rip their very hearts out upon the first listen.

Boy with a bright future

There's no doubting that Omarion, who has been in show business most of his life, is a hard worker. For a man barely in his 20s, Omarion has come a long way. He worked hard from a young age to make a name for himself as a performer. He's always had the focus to concentrate on his goals, instead of concerning himself with what others are doing. In addition to his musical career, Omarion's fame also stems from several television and film appearances. And it’s not surprising because, talent runs in the family: Omarion's half-brother, Marques Houston, became a singer before him; his cousin, Jarrell "J-Boog" Houston, joined him in B2K; and now his younger brother, singer O'Ryan, is following in his footsteps. Looking toward the future, Omarion envisions his multi-layered career in terms of chapters of a never-ending story that includes songwriting, producing, acting and an openness to explore anything else that his schedule permits. Omarion will appear in some films such as Somebody Help Me is a thriller, where also will be acting his friend R&B singer Marques Houston, Reggaeton is a story about one rapper from Bronx, who had to fly away in Puerto Rico, and in drama Street Soldier. When asked what music means to him, he responds without hesitation: “Music is everything – it’s my world, my life. I know that I can’t visit each of my fans personally, but I hope that my music makes them feel like they’ve gotten to know me. I’ve put my heart into this album.” In loneliness or at a party the new Omarion’s album 21 will give you pleasure and sheer joy.