Started A Fire

Studio Album by released in 2008

Started A Fire review

Started A Fire debuted as number ten at UK album chart

It may be true that indie market doesn't have big stars that are able to sell millions of copies of their albums but on the other hand it offers a wide choice. Typical and at the same time paradoxical trait of indie consumers is a special attention to young bands. Surprisingly, but they are always in popular demand even if it concerns a group of senior pupils from the smallest of British towns. Of course, one can say that it's all about marketing but still it all looks pretty weird. By all appearances, Great Britain is really experiencing a young talents boom. This country has always had lots of them but now it seems like every third lad from Albion may be considered as musically gifted. Well, meet the number one talents of February 2008 – indie pop-rock band One Night Only! Nobody of its members has reached his 20 yet but you must believe that they will shake this world all the same. Their debut album is called Started A Fire and it debuted as number ten at the UK album chart. And yes, they also had a tour across UK with The Pigeon Detectives – exactly the same band, which had a breakthrough last summer.

One Night Only sound friendly

Such skepticism concerning a young band is quite explicable. Indeed, there exist tones of young indie bands and not every can offer something really worthy. You should have an experience to make a good album and this is exactly what any young band lacks. However, we should always stick to objectivity. As a matter of fact, One Night Only, despite of everything, sound pretty confident and at times even interesting. Started A Fire is not an album where you can find lots of original and fresh ideas – in this sense the band follows the same old indie scheme. However, the album has quite a decent sound, the vocals look adequately and the material in general sounds pretty properly. One Night Only are not trying to be what they are not. And this is something they attract you with. The air of the record is sufficiently friendly and by that moment when your player comes up to a third track you start to understand that you actually like the indie pop this band produces.

Tuneful and attractive within reasonable limits

One Night Only use a lot of keyboards in their songs and this allows them to smooth over the clichéd riffs and fill in the sonic vacuum. One can say that this is the peculiarity of this band, which identifies them against other acts. Apart from their main single Just For Tonight, which is truly the best composition of the album, the key tracks are Start Over and Time. These songs sound tuneful, seamless and attractive within reasonable limits. At least you don't have a desire to add something as well to lessen something within them. You can also pay attention at the second track Its About Time. It is hardly possible to call it an original composition but it really could lay a claim to be the album's second single. In general, Started A Fire as a debut album of a very young band looks adequately. But the value of this record from the genre's point of view is pretty doubtful. However you cannot deny that these guys have talent. If they will proceed working over their music than most likely they will be able to succeed, if not, than they take a risk to justify a fateful massage of their title.