Ocean Eyes

Studio Album by released in 2009

Ocean Eyes review

The one-man band Owl City

The American synth-pop command Owl City with the impressive indie history actually consists of one member – Minnesota-born native Adam Young. He stated writing music to kill the time, which he had too much due to the insomnia. After two self-recorded albums, the artist became so popular that the Universal Music signed him without hesitation. On this label, Young recorded his third disc Ocean Eyes with the hit single Fireflies. The long-play is already certified gold in the US. The popularity of the Owl City’s music is so high that Young had to gather a command for life performances. On the new disc Ocean Eyes, the artist is not that lonely as he was – on some tracks he is accompanied or helped on vocals by some collective members and the guest soloist Matt Thiessen from Relient K. The artists became so close due to cooperation that they decided to make a side-project together later. Right now, Young prepares to tour in support of Ocean Eyes with his command Owl City over the USA, Asia, Australia and Europe. At the same time, the brilliant album wins praises, nominations and prizes for him, going up in different charts.

The fragile and delicate atmosphere on Ocean Eyes

Ocean eyes strikes the listeners not only with the music, but also with the wonderfully emotional, although sometimes naïve, lyrics and its overall esthetics, unity. It is of no wonder, as the disc is entirely created by one extremely talented person. However, in order to finish it, he collaborated to ten professionals of different spheres – musicians, producer, art director and others. Well, the hit single Fireflies is the most vivid example of the entire album’s essence – deep textures, genuine, heart-grasping lyrics and memorable dancing tune made up the axis of success of this composition. The amusing track Dental Care is devoted to such unexpected thing as the mouth and teeth hygiene. The disc also features three slightly transformed tracks from the previous long-play Maybe I'm Dreaming – the species of charming vocal harmonies The Saltwater Room, the love electro-pop ballad On The Wing and the public’s favorite Hello Seattle. The topic of the lost love is also explored in the thrilling and atmospheric composition Vanilla Twilight. Tunes, like the opener Cave In and Umbrella Beach are filled with the wish of solitary time in the nature, strive for running away from the hurry of the city – no doubt, these tracks harmonize with the cover of the album and mirror the shy, introverted nature of Young.

The MySpace phenomenon continues to cheer the listeners

For two years of his musical activity, Adam Yung managed to win an impressing army of fans, and the major part of it is constituted by the teenage girls, which is no wonder. Dreamy texts, pulsating emotions and delicate arrangements – all these being the firm style of Owl City – made the MySpace page visitors insane of Young’s personality. The album Ocean Eyes, on the cover of which we can see the photo, made near the Dubai hotel of the UAE (the second highest in the world, but the way), is targeted at the same audience. The sea, the sun, beaches and colorful lyrics, sparkling with beautiful metaphors, taken together with the separated love torments, fill the Ocean Eyes disc with the emotional cocktail that is sure to fascinate the young listeners. Making the disc with the same emotional charge and atmosphere as the previous Mabe I’m Dreaming, the creator of Owl City does not stay at one place. First of all, the disc is effectively different by Young’s amazing duets with the guest singers. Further, he makes it clear that he possesses such a priceless quality as self-irony. And moreover, the disc has the imprint of the big label – it is thought-out, integrate and high-qualitative. All these features make the Ocean Eyes a long-play with the big future, especially if we consider the fact that the genre is electro-dance pop music.