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Gossamer review

Passion Pit: a promising band

It happens quite often that a band is formed due to some lucky chance. Something of that kind happened to Passion Pit, actually. It all started when Michael Angelakos, the group’s frontman, wrote several songs for his girlfriend. A bit later, during one of the solo shows, he was noticed by Ian Hultquist, who really enjoyed Michael’s manner of performing. The young men decided to start a band, and the work began. With time their duo turned into a quintet, which is so well-known to all lovers of electro-pop nowadays. By the year 2008 the line-up was finally completed and a year later Passion Pit presented its very first full-length album to the audience. Record titled Manners was well received by listeners, while numerous critics highly evaluated Passion Pit songs. The point is that all its members, except for Angelakos, are graduates from Berklee College of Music, which means that they do not just create and play music. They perfectly know how this kind of magic works. Thus, if Manners proved to be a lucky ticket for Passion Pit to the world stage, then Gossamer, their brand new long play, can easily become a permit for the permanent residence. So, what did the musicians prepare for listeners this time?

High quality level of Gossamer

The new record was produced by Angelakos and Chris Zane, who had already worked with Passion Pit before. All in all that stands for the fact that Gossamer did not get any dramatic changes, and that is good, actually. The record’s first track is a mid-tempo song Take a Walk, creating a great mood for the listeners. This one is followed by a composition I'll Be Alright that is completely different from the introductory song: it is the way more dynamic and its interesting part of drums will be incredibly easy to remember. Carried Away brings another change of mood: it can be called even a dance track, which actually may sound rather harmonically on dance floors. However, we are about to get one more change. Constant Conversations is once again slow song, with a fancy manner of singing and thick part of bass. It is impossible to get rid of the feeling that Gossamer will keep on pleasing fans with constant changes of rhythms, tempos and spirits. No place for boredom at all. But still the most amazing part is that the musicians succeeded in creating the long play integral. Somehow that outstanding mix of completely different in attitude songs preserved the unity of sound. The quintet’s members’ talent in tandem with their musical education played their role. Theory can never be unnecessary thing.

The band has a long way to go

Back in 2009 Passion Pit let everybody know that in spite of the fact that their band is only at the very beginning of a creative path, they will perform music of the highest possible quality. And they knew what they were doing, as soon as the long play Manners became a good demonstration of their success. Now it is time for Gossamer to show what the artist came to in three years. Well, it seems that they came to a fascinating, thick and even festive sound. The cover of Gossamer, by the way, fits the content of the long play very well. That bright and positive picture describes the quintet’s music just fine. Now, after the release of Gossamer, it is possible to state that Cambridge musicians’ art keeps bringing positive emotions. Their music is easy to receive and it will hardly bother, so be sure that Gossamer is going to stay in your playlist for a long time. The album is quite heterogeneous, and it is one of its most impressive features, actually. All twelve songs flow so smoothly, in literally one breath, in spite of the fact that some of them last more than four or even five minutes. The long story short – if you appreciate electro-pop and just melodiousness music, then make sure to get acquainted with new creation of Passion Pit. That is a real windfall for the connoisseurs of original music.