Sonik Kicks

Studio Album by released in 2012

Sonik Kicks review

Paul Weller does not need an introduction

The career of that truly legendary musician started in the very late seventies, when punk-rock was thundering through the United Kingdom. Back then Weller was the frontman of one of the most successful punk bands of that time - The Jam. The Jam were extremely loud and quite angry, just like a good rebel band should be. Actually that surprised those music lovers, who were following Weller’ career later. The artist’s first group was disbanded in early eighties; however the singer decided to move on. Paul formed the band The Style Council, which performed totally different music, more calm and the way more melodiousness. The quartet found its listeners in practically no time and it had been making them happy till the end of eighties. It turned out that the new decade became a new creative phase for Weller: he started a solo career. His debut self-titled long play was acclaimed by critics and it was taken rather well by the singer’s old fans. Actually no wonder that he succeeded: the intuition had never let Paul down, and he had already got amazing experience. Weller’s albums had always been popular, and many of them peaked at the very top of various charts, which proved listeners’ interest to the artist’s creativity. The performer’s brand new record Sonik Kicks saw the light in 2012 and it has already managed to conquer the chart of albums.

Sonik Kicks is the embodiment of brit-pop

Those who have not got acquainted with Weller’s art will be quite puzzled if they try to imagine that musician in the role of a punk band frontman after listening to Sonik Kicks. However it all really had its place – social opposition, angry guitars and rebel romanticism. Well, the time goes by and everything changes. Now Paul Weller’s music is an excellent example of brit-pop with its signature pushiness, drive and a good volume of electronic sound in the arrangements. The opening composition Green will tell perfectly what kind of sound is chased by Weller nowadays. Thereby within only one song several genres were mixed: soft rock, a little bit of electronica and traditional British (which means inimitable) rock. The whole record seems to be charged with the pure energy: the original song Kling I Klang will not leave anyone indifferent, while Around The Lake continues to develop the motive of inexhaustible energy. It should be mentioned that atmospheric compositions-interludes proved to be amazing additions to the record’s atmosphere and mood. Thus, Sleep Of The Serene feels like it is going to send a listener into the space, of course if the space can be described through some kind of sound definition. Paperchase is another fascinating track, which was built on the monolithic part of bass. By the end of that compositions music lovers will get a regulated chaos of all kinds of sounds.

Drive and moments of tranquility

All in all the album Sonik Kicks turned out to be quite variegated, but that does not mean that it baseless. Conversely, Paul Weller managed to create a massive record, the components of which are distant from each other. Changes of tempos and rhythms had been done in a really amazing way: slow and fast songs are given in such an order that presents all their contrasts in the best way. The guitar sound in combination with electronic arrangements is not a revolutionary innovation, of course. Paul prepared his musical cocktail in the highest level, so it will be interesting to listen to all fourteen songs for all lovers and connoisseurs of original and distinctive music. Also, and it is important, it will be easy to choose a song for a certain mood, as soon as Paul can write beautiful music and at the same time he can find the right words, which will be enjoyed by listeners. If you like the British music, then it is simply necessary for you to get acquainted with the brand new record of one of the brightest English musicians!