I Feel Cream

Studio Album by released in 2009

I Feel Cream review

An untypical teacher of music

Merrill Beth Nisker, more known as Peaches, was born and brought up in Canada, but later she relocated to Berlin. It is hard to believe now, but this woman, who sings about sex and inter-sex relations with a shocking openness, is an elementary school music and drama teacher by profession. The notorious artist launched her career with the almost unnoticed album Fancypants Hoodlum, released under the name of Merrill Nisker. It put the beginning to her future scenic imagery and songs thematic. The follow-up The Teaches Of Peaches, recorded under the pseudonym Peaches in 2000, was a big revelation for the world music community. The teacher of music from Toronto became known to everyone – or almost everyone. The name of Peaches became famous around the night-clubbers, while her songs made their way to television, being used in films and popular series. The two of the following albums under ambiguous titles Fatherfucker and Impeach My Bush were released in 2003 and 2006 respectively. Although people criticized Peaches for “copycatting her own songs”, “becoming less original than she was” and so on, both works became big events for adult electronica fans. Releasing a disc in around three years, this year Peaches decides to cheer the listeners with one more portion of her intimate stories on a long-play titled I Feel Cream.

I Feel Cream – a collection of wonderful electro-tracks

The album I Feel Cream opens with the unexpected for hardcore-loving Peaches composition Serpentine (I Don't Give a … Pt. 2). This chill out tune gives way to aggressive, rocking song with the hooky guitar Talk To Me, which tells about the relations between a man and a woman. The dance electronica track Lose You with the contemporary beat and tender vocals by the artist will also become a sheer sensation for the devoted fans of the singer. The hip-hop composition Billionaire, decorated with the pleasant vocals by Shunda K from Yo! Majesty, has all chances of becoming a pop hit of this summer. The tune I Feel Cream, which gave the title to the disc, is a wonderful specimen of electronica with the openly sexual lyrics from Peaches, who, as we all know, loves to make all her personal experience details private. The motif of Show Stopper, noticeable for its gorgeous drums and synthesizers, is filled with the restless energy of the singer, her outraged voice and rock melodic hooks. On the track Mommy Complex, the artist, who mostly creates for young auditory, decides to treat her age with humor – she is forty, as it goes for the numbers. Well, for a woman of her age, Peaches is so emancipated and sincere that after this track you will have no hesitation she does not have this complex. The melody of Mud possessing a pulsating, deep beat leads us to the end of the disc – the closer Take You On. It is a calm but at the same time passionate track which is installed with the firm Peaches’ vocals – half rapping half singing.

Peaches recorded a mature and qualitative album

The new disc by Peaches is marked by a number of significant names – from Soulwax and Digitalism to James Ford and others. Thus, the sound of I Feel Cream makes it obvious that the producers were on top in their work, also the major part of production was performed by Peaches herself. The artist also played the majority of the instruments for the album. So the high quality of the full-length hardy will be a surprise for anyone. However, I Feel Cream has several surprises for those persons, who are somehow familiar with the creativity of this Canadian performer – these are minimalist but at the same time complicated tracks, more convenient lyrics and a feasible slant into the disco of 80s. Peaches did not eradicate all the sharp angles on her new disc and thus remained recognizable, but she became less harsh and aggressive. If the reason for it is the age of the singer which has become a hot issue for current announcements concerning singer’s activity, we can bravely say that the age only makes Peaches better. Hardcore and outraged compositions now make up the minor part on the album giving space to the thought-out to trifles dance electronica. The mature, sized approach to both the music and the lyrics is evident – well, the thing that stays unchanged is the sexual issues of the songs. In order to check it listen to the disc I Feel Cream. Peaches – обзор альбома I Feel Cream