In Silico

Studio Album by released in 2008

In Silico review

A big future waiting for Pendulum

Conquering the whole world in 2005 with its debut album Hold Your Colour Australian drum'n'bass Pendulum based in Great Britain returns with the sophomore effort In Silico. Musicians and producers for whom the experiment has always been a favorite thing to do have managed to make a revolution in music without doubling itself even a second. If the previous record was mainly oriented to the part of the audience that likes to have fun at night clubs and parties the new work has practically become a turn for 180 degrees. In Silico is a combination of two styles that do not seem to be meant to be present simultaneously one the same album that are rock and drum'n'bass. The result of this bold attempt has exceeded all expectations, one may say that Pendulum has done the impossible and the second album has once again confirmed the fact that a big future is waiting for this band and as long as they are not substituted by a new work its creations will not remain without attention.

Stylish arrangements and the variety of beats on In Silico

Suitable both for dancing and just a pleasant time spending In Silico pleases with stylish interesting arrangements, the variety of beats and great vocals. The album opens with a penetrating rock beginning on track Showdown that little by little grows into a powerful drum'n'bass anthem with a changing beat and an impetuous instrumental line and at the same time with an accent to lyrics that is more typical for rock. The song on which two styles really achieve a harmony is Different for here the guys sing a complicated half-tone based rock tune with a beautiful chorus against the background of a danceable break beat. Single Propane Nightmares has already become the band's greatest hit outdoing all the previous material and it is quite understandable for the mariachi guitars along with most incredible synthesizers and drums combining with the contagious vocals are really a great success. Composition Visions is a bit closer to the band's debut album for here the rock influence is not that significant but is not fully absent as emotional lyrics and complicated drums are involved in its rather unusual sounding. A grandiose song Midnight Runner refined with nice keyboards and an amazing beat lets one relax a bit and a wonderfully melodious track The Other Side is at the same time one of the heaviest on the record. Another obvious success is composition Mutiny which will surely be appreciated by those fond of rock for the drum'n'bass flavor is least revealed here, and song Granite has proved to be interesting as well: the strange electronic sounds add the feeling of mystery at the beginning and then make the song more complicated throughout. The record closes with a most powerful and at the same time a very beautiful rock-composition The Tempest with the elements of orchestra background and the most impressive vocals one could expect from Pendulum.

Symbiosis of two absolutely different styles

An unprecedented case in the history of music – Pendulum has managed to find a most amazing symbiosis of two absolutely different styles. The group comprising Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen, Perry ap Gwynedd, Ben Mount (also known as MC Verse), Paul Harding, and Paul Kodish who plays drums has proved to the whole world that the experiment is never over and that the new unusual solutions are justified. If one listens attentively one can notice that throughout In Silico one and the same motif is repeated on several tracks which is the one the album's structure is based on. At the same time as well as on the debut record the songs are quite different in the respect of the atmosphere and the sound density, one relaxing, other calling to move and the third exciting the senses. Yet it is rather hard to judge if Pendulum's new album has turned out to be worse or better than its predecessor but one thing is clear: nothing is impossible for this band and it will surely surprise us with each of its following works no matter how long we will have to wait for them.