American indie-rock band Ra Ra Riot was formed in January 2006 in Syracuse. It did not take the musicians too long to create their own material, and pretty soon the band started to play gigs. Ra Ra Riot’s bright and energetic shows attracted attention of listeners in no time: music lovers really enjoyed the sincerity presented on stage. Thereby less in half a year Ra Ra Riot were invited to take part in CMJ Music Marathon, and after that loud debut the band was much discussed in the press. Also the group became the constant member of various festivals.

The musicians self-released their debut EP Ra Ra Riot in 2007 and it pleased numerous listeners. A bit later Ra Ra Riot signed the contract with the recording company and began working on the new material and preparing for the new record creation. In 2007 they presented their first studio attempt titled The Rhumb Line, which was critically acclaimed and enjoyed by the fans. The Rhumb Line turned out to be quite original: the band managed to find the right sound and to create the signature atmosphere. Rebecca’s violin and Alexandra’s cello were very harmoniously added to the whole Ra Ra Riot’s conception and added the elements of exotica as well.

The second album titled The Orchard was released in 2010. Many fans had been waiting for that studio attempt and The Orchard satisfied their expectations: the signature atmosphere that played a great role on Ra Ra Riot’s way to popularity was presented completely. There is absolutely no doubt that The Orchard will be interesting for indie-rock fans and for all the good and original music lovers.

Studio Albums

Ra Ra Riot, Need Your Light mp3Need Your Light
  • Indie Pop
  • Indie Rock
Ra Ra Riot, Beta Love mp3Beta Love
  • Electropop
  • Chamber Pop
  • Synth Pop
Ra Ra Riot, The Orchard mp3The Orchard
  • Indie Pop
Ra Ra Riot, The Rhumb Line mp3The Rhumb Line
A young band Ra Ra Riot's debut record The Rhumb Line is comprised of five improved versions of songs that the audience is already acquainted with and five absolutely new compositions
  • Chamber Pop
  • Indie Pop
  • Twee Pop