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Razorlight review

To many the album Razorlight may seem too short

The Anglo-Swedish indie rock band Razorlight was formed in the summer of 2002 on the initiative of 22 year old singer and songwriter playing guitar Johnny Borrell. Other members include guitarist Bjorn Agren, bassist Carl Dalemo and drummer Andy Burrows who in 2004 substitided for Christian Pancorvo. Their debut album Up All Night was released in 2004 and became one of the pre-eminent albums that year in spite of enough criticizm and accusations of stealing ideas from other prominent rockers. After the first record Razorlight had a most successful single Somewhere Else, which charted number two in Great Britain. Preceded by In The Morning, the first single, the band’s second effort, Razorlight, was released on 17 July 2006. The new creation has already received a good deal of strong and positive reviews being remarkable for a better guitar playing and a more professional instrumentation in general. The frontman this time sounds more mature and original than on the previous album. The record Razorlight is not very long – about half an hour – and to many it may seem even too short for fully enjoying the melodious songs, splendid playing of the musician and Johnny Borrel’s incomparable vocals.

Razorlight finds good variations of the style

Razorlight consists of ten great tracks on each of which the marvellous accompaniment and outstanding vocals combine into an unforgetable unity and thus every song is in itself an acheivement. The opener In The Morning has some features reminiscent of the debut album and some new not heard before elements telling of the typical party consequences. The romantic almost R&B-like song Who Needs Love? is also something new for Razorlight and it turns out a good attempt to try some variations of the style. The drummer has refined the impetuous track Hold On and the stylish composition Pop Song 2006 with powerful rhythm and the guitar strings are really stunning on the rock number America as well as on Before I Fall To Pieces, that reveals the deep senses of the front singer through his really amazing vocal range. The dramatic song Can’t Stop The Feeling I’ve Got is one of the most emotional tracks ever written by Razorlight whereas Back To The Start is filled with the strong desire to fulfill a longtime dream. To close the album Razorlight has chosen a really monumental creation Los Angeles Waltz, the track that leaves a strongest possible impression. As well as each of its songs, Razorlight is undoubtedly a great achievement itself.

The album is irreplaceable in any situation possible

Today more and more people try their hand in music and become indie rockers many of which resemble each other. As a matter of fact it is not an easy task to make your music distinguished and avoid comparison. For Razorlight this problem has long been an obstacle on the way to fame and recognition. The sophomore effort has witnessed significant changes and a great job done in the new direction to obtain a unique style and sound. Naturally critics will always be able to find faults with the band – Razorlight front man is often referred to as self-confident and sometimes impudent man but in spite of those opinions Razorlight keeps reaching the highest positions in charts and the number of their fans is constantly increasing. Their new record is soulful and romantic and at the same time realistic enough which makes it a truly worthy creation. There is no illusion of happiness, and still whenever you feel good Razorlight can become a source of stronger and deeper feelings due to the touching playing and vocals. For those having hard times Razorlight can encourage to believe in oneself and revive the lost hopes, set new objectives and prompt how to fulfill all the long forgotten dreams. In any case this album is irreplaceable in any situation possible.