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Reamonn review

Reamonn’s fifth album can bring it the world fame

The Irish singer Rea Garvey who used to play with the band The Reckless Pedestrians quite long ago symbolizes an example of how one can achieve success being just sure of one’s own abilities. He came to Germany in 1997 almost penniless, put an ad in a local newspaper and a year later his new band Reamonn was already performing on a New Year show. The collective’s line-up includes guitarist Uwe Bossert, percussionist Mike ‘Gomezz’ Gommeringer, bassist Philipp Rauenbusch and Sebastian Padotzke playing keyboards, sax, flute and organ. Despite the interesting story of formation today only two Reamonn’s hits, Supergirl and Josephine, are well-known in the world, but for instance in the USA quite few people are acquainted with its creative work. Yet with the release of its fifth eponymous album the situation can change drastically for this record proves to be even better than its successful previous creation, 2005’s Wish. Album Reamonn is built on a sounding closer to rock and offers several ready-made hits about love and relationship and also faith, life and freedom.

Smart thoughts and unusual metaphors on Reamonn

Album Reamonn proves to be quite a long one – its 13 tracks with the average length of approximately 4 minutes please with their variety both in the respect of melodies and arrangements and the interesting texts rich in smart thoughts and unusual metaphors. The record begins with an orchestra fragment turning into the powerful guitar hooks of the opener Faith built on the contrast of a soft verse and a desperate catchy chorus. Ballad Million Miles pleases with splendid keyboards in the instrumental background and Garvey’s heartfelt singing whereas the first single Through The Eyes Of A Child (Album Version) surprises with a complicated tune and rather philosophic lyrics calling the listeners to see the life with the eyes of a child. All the album’s tracks can boast with the drummer’s faultless work and especially a break-up song Free Like A Bird, a beautiful ballad Goodbyes and a more up-tempo composition Moments Like This. You have probably not heard a love confession like on Aeroplane for quite some time and the second single Open Skies pretends to be the main new hit from Reamonn due to the melody which is sure to linger in your mind and the vocalist’s contagious singing against the background of solemn fiddles and keyboards. Another highlight is a slow optimistic ballad Serenade Me with very successful back vocals and the album closer is a sad composition It's Over Now about the end of a relationship on which even guitars seem to cry together with the main character.

Memorable tunes still remain the ace of trumps

After listening to Reamonn it becomes quite clear why the band is so hugely popular in Germany and some other European countries and it seems absolutely obvious that such an excellent record will definitely open the collective for the rest of the world. Beautiful, stylish and very soulful mid-tempo compositions comprising the bulk of the new album will certainly prove irreplaceable for everyone who has quarreled with one’s partner or keeps remembering about a failed relationship with sadness. Besides the album offers some songs about life in general that allow you to look at your problems in a different light and find simple solutions. Rock elements that have appeared in the band’s sounding turn out to be quite appropriate for this kind of lyrics and memorable tunes still remain this unique collective’s ace of trumps. Such songs as Open Skies and Serenade Me will easily become hits even though only around Europe. Anyway Reamonn’s fifth album is sure to become a real revelation for all who is looking for good romantic music and does not yet know of its existence and the connoisseurs of its works will definitely appraise it as it deserves.