Studio Album by released in 2007

Live review

One of the most waited releases lately

Cult American alternative band R.E.M. was formed back in 1980 in Athens, Georgia by four musicians that have been sticking together until 1997 when drummer Bill Berry announced officially of his leaving the band. The rest of the members, i.e. vocalist and lyricist Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck and bassist Mike Mills have been recording albums together until today. R.E.M.'s debut album Murmur was released in 1983 after a number of successful singles including the very first one Radio Free Europe. By now the band has released thirteen studio albums and only this year its first live compilation is to see the light of the day. Album called Live presents the recording of R.E.M.'s performance in Dublin on February 27, 2005 filmed by director Blue Leach, and comprises all the twenty seven years of the band's career which has seen mostly ups than downs and also contains one brand new song. Undoubtedly one of the most waited releases lately R.E.M.'s new record will refine any musical collection and give a lot of pleasant minutes.

Most well-known hits and quite rare songs on Live

Although the greatest part of Live is not new to the audience, the songs really are apprehended in a different way due to the sound of the crowd and the comments that Stipe gives before some of them. One of the advantages of the compilation is that there are not only the most well-known hits like Losing My Religion or Everybody Hurts here but also quite rare songs on it. For instance, the album opens with a practically exclusive composition I Took Your Name from the 1994 album Monster. Right after it goes the immortal hit So Fast, So Numb. The fans will be happy to hear one of the most emotional tracks on the album is Cuyahoga from 1986’s record Lifes Rich Pageant, and also such masterpieces of alternative rock as The Great Beyond, Leaving New York and Orange Crush. The latest album Around The Sun is presented with composition The Ascent Of Man, and the work of 2001 Reveal – with the single Imitation Of Life. Another single The One I Love is rightfully considered the starting point of R.E.M's success: after its release the whole world started talking about them. To the fans' great satisfaction song (Don't Go Back To) Rockville from 1984's Reckoning on which bassist Mike Mills performs the lead vocals is included on Live. By the end of the record another surprise appears – previously unreleased composition I'm Gonna DJ, and the final track is a great and very well-known Man On The Moon.

Exceptional band R.E.M.

During the twenty seven years of its existence R.E.M. has visited half of the world with tours and released quite a number of best hits collections. Yet it is rather obvious that until this October the time to release the recording of a live performance was still not coming. Many are convinced that R.E.M. has already sung its best songs and that is why in order not to disappoint the fans the collective has released Live. Whether it is right or wrong the band's fourteenth album is being prepared to be recorded which is a sign of that the guys are still full of ideas, especially taking into account the political character of many of their creations. R.E.M. has never left unnoticed the important events like the intrusion of the Americans in Iraq, and on the whole has always expressed its opinion on the government's policy. Besides, social life is always reflected in the texts of the songs. Stipe's recognizable manner of performance often characterized as murmur, Peter Buck's unique guitar playing and conceptual texts all together have made R.E.M. one of the most influential rock collectives of the twentieth century. Thus one can have no doubt that this exceptional band will present us with more than one super hit, and its new album will remain in the history.