Liverpool 8

Studio Album by released in 2008

Liverpool 8 review

A more lyrical, heavy and personal album Liverpool 8

This year Richard Starkey known to the whole world as Ringo Starr, the drummer of the legendary Liverpool four, The Beatles, releases his fourteenth solo work already. During the last three years since the release of his last album, 2005's Choose Love, he has found time to organize several concerts of his own and make a tour around Great Britain, but the main news has become the misunderstanding with producer Mark Hudson with whom Starr has been working of late, and the return to collaboration with label EMI for the first time since 1975 when the contract with The Beatles was over. The leading producer of the new record Liverpool 8 has become Dave Stewart and all the songs have been written with the participation of Ringo Starr's band Roundheads. Unlike the musician's previous works the new album has proved to be more lyrical and at times heavier and in many respects reflects the legendary drummer's personal feelings. Naturally the main topic on Liverpool 8 remains love but here one can also find songs with a somewhat different message making one reflect on life in general, full of the reminiscences, dreams and hopes.

Ringo Starr still believes in the best

From the record's very first sounds it is clear that Ringo Starr is in a perfect musical form, and although the influence of age is heard on his vocals, the songs are contagious with their emotions as always. The album opens with an autobiographic title track Liverpool 8 a pleasant rock composition filled with nostalgia and reminiscences of youth with football fans shouting the name of the legendary city, and Think About You is a harder song refined with stunning guitar solos. Undoubtedly one of the album's highlights is song For Love, remarkable both for the catchy tune and an absolutely faultless arrangement refined with a varied instrumentation and unusual backing vocals. A darker mood begins with track Now That She's Gone Away that despite its lively rhythm is filled with the feeling of loneliness. Another highlight is instrumentally brilliant Gone Are The Days, the album's shortest track, that combines optimistic melody with heavy guitars and desperate singing, and a great ballad Tuff Love refined with piano accompaniment at the beginning is Ringo's way to support those who find themselves in the situation of a crisis in the relationship. Different from all the other tracks composition Pasodobles is a beautiful piece presenting the combination of Spanish guitar and Starr's most sensual singing, which can compete only with another ballad Love Is whose wonderful melody is sure to linger in your mind for several weeks. The final track R U Ready? returns to the mood at the beginning of the record with an optimistic cowboy sounding, proving that in the end Ringo Starr still believes in the best.

An album for all life occasions

It is always a challenge for a former legendary band member to pursue a solo career, and in the case of Ringo Starr the challenge has been four times harder. Nevertheless his optimism and sense of humor have never let him get in low spirits, and if there are those discontent with his creative work among The Beatles fans he just ignores them continuing doing what he enjoys. Naturally listening to Ringo Starr's music one inevitably remembers the band and unwillingly makes comparisons, but to appreciate the musician's creative work one should bear in mind that those were four different people with their own views on music. Starr's vocals are far from perfect but the soulfulness and emotionality of performance fully compensate all the roughness. Judging by the enthusiasm permitting Ringo record albums with an enviable regularity Liverpool 8 is far from his conclusive work in his career, and we will surely hear from him again after some time. Moreover the record is definitely going to occupy a prestigious position among the year's best albums and refine any musical collection, and a wide range of moods on it makes Liverpool 8 an album for all life occasions.