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Cradlesong review

Rob Thomas has found something to modify his works

People unfamiliar with the name of singer and songwriter Rob Thomas are probably only those who are not interested at all in rock and pop music. The front man of the collective Matchbox Twenty, Thomas has relatively recently thought of pursuing a solo career and one should note that he has achieved quite good results in that. Sure, some might dislike his seemingly rather careless attitude to his appearance, the others critic Rob for his patalogical being out-of-date, the third are convinced that no matter how hard he tries he will never become a true star. Nevertheless the fact remains the fact: in 2004 the artist was rewarded with the first Award of the Songwriters Hall of Fame named Starlight Award, established especially for young authors who have already contributed significantly to the music culture. This June Rob presents us with his sophomore solo effort Cradlesong. The difference between the first and the second one is obvious but it does not make any of the works better or worse than the other one. First, the accent on rock is made on Cradlesong unlike the pop-oriented debut. Second, the new record can boast utterly unexpected and original percussions – the artist has found something to modify his works so Cradlesong is undoubtedly going to surprise you.

Drums play an important part on Cradlesong

Lately Rob Thomas has worked with drummers from South America and Africa and the drums really play an important part on Cradlesong underlining his brutal vocals. The album opens with the first single Her Diamonds which has already become a real hit in Australia and one can be sure that it is going to be no less successful in other countries, too. The composition Gasoline conquers not only with the splendid guitar hooks but also with a memorable chorus, addressed to a beautiful girl. An amazing ballad Someday is definitely going to be one of the most popular songs this summer, as, first of all, it is just perfectly radio-friendly, second, it is an irriplacable soundtrack for a slow dance and finally it can be given to your beloved as a confession. A contagious composition Mockingbird is a wonderful text based on metaphors, an unusual but memorable tune and Rob’s soulful vocals whereas on RealWorld'09 and Fire On The Mountain those very special drums are shining due to which one can even dance to these tracks for the drums are so contagious. The composition Still Ain't Over You is one of the most powerful on the album. Listening to it one understands what rock should be like when it is about a relationship for Rob Thomas’ performance really impresses here. The unusual percussion combines with keyboards on Natural to create another ready hit: instrumentally this is a true masterpiece, and Rob’s vocals sounds brighter and more emotional than ever. Another ballad Snowblind could well be present on the singer’s previous work as it contains more pop elements which makes it contrast with rather a heavy track Wonderful softened only by splendid tubes, and a contagious tune and memorable lyrics make it a hit. Strange as it may seem the title song Cradlesong is placed at the end of the album – it is a marvelous ballad with beautiful backing vocals and interesting lyrics, and the album closer is another slow track Getting Late closer to country pleasing both with the philosophic text and soft performance.

A unique personality and nobody can doubt his talent

There is always an artist whose creative work is not appreciated as it deserves for various reasons among talented, successful and popular ones. With all Rob Thomas’ awards the critics are still cannot agree in their judgment about him. Indeed, he does not collaborate with ultra-fashionable producers – Cradlesong was recorded with Matt Serletic who has worked with Matchbox Twenty – and remains faithful to simple instruments and his own pure vocals. Nevertheless he manages to write tunes that make hits and not only for himself but also for other famous artists. It goes without saying that there is more than a half of compositions that are ready-made hits on Cradlesong although none of them contains any distinctly defined signs of being contemporary. It would probably be right to call them universal and Rob Thomas himself – an author with no boundaries, who understands with his intuition what a really successful creation is. Thus whatever direction he chooses on his next creation this artist remains a unique personality and nobody can doubt his talent.