Studio Album by released in 2007

System review

Seal's most danceable and electronic album

Singer and songwriter that has become famous in the 1990s first with his danceable songs (Crazy) and then amazing ballads (Kiss From A Rose) Seal has not pleased the fans too much with new creations. To blame is largely his young but already quite a big family. Marrying the German supermodel Heidi Klum in 2005 he has found both a muse and an eternal object of admiration in her face, and later when their sons were born, Seal's attention got completely drawn by his wife and kids. Only this year, four years after his last studio work Seal IV an absolutely new album System is released. The singer has probably been so much inspired by his family life that has decided to remember his youth and recorded an album returning us to the very beginning of his creative work. Created with the participation of producer Stuart Price renowned for his work with Madonna on Confessions On A Dance Floor, System has become Seal's most danceable and electronic album in his entire career, but it differs from the greatest part of collections of this kind with the optimistic lyrics full of interesting thoughts.

Quality, continuous and volume compositions on System

Some may undeniably find only ten new songs not enough after four years during which Seal pleased us only with the best songs compilation and the recordings of concerts. Yet the quality of compositions, its continuation and the volume of soundings make up over and above the quantitative underrun. The album opens with an unearthly song If It's In My Mind, It's On My Face although devoted to the banal topic pf love full of deep philosophic ideas. The first single Amazing (Thin White Duke Edit) is a brilliant love confession that is refined with a catchy tune and stylish audio effects. Just Like Before is a guitar featured danceable song filled with eclectic moments and Loaded is a bit reminiscent of David Bowie's songs, when Seal sings calmly and solemnly in the couplet. A slower song Wedding Day (Duet With Heidi) is remarkable for being performed with Seal's wife whose vocals surprisingly prove to be quite good, whereas the title track System has a most complicated tune and topical lyrics, yet it is a danceable song with elements of rock. One of the best compositions here Dumb is again refined with acoustic guitar and an amazing beat that is able to make anyone start moving. Another dance floor hit The Right Life is one of the most electronic tracks here, and Rolling is a slow ballad with an amazing tune and frank lyrics that reveal the singeris hopes and dreams. An ethereal composition Immaculate is a perfect example of Seal's psychedelic music, and the album closes with the original version of single Amazing.

A sure fire combination of unique vocals and ultra fashionable arrangements

It is always pleasant to learn that the starry couples live happily and inspire each other for creating masterpieces. Romantic Seal who has proposed to his wife on the top of a mountain in Canada enjoys life as nobody and is ready to scream or rather sing about it so that the whole world can hear. Matching his status of a man married to the representative of the world of fashion the singer has asked a popular producer to assist him wishing all the songs to be modeled up to the mark. As a result there has appeared a sure fire combination of Seal's unique vocals and ultra fashionable arrangements worthy of the world's best clubs. Besides this music can not only be danced to, but also meditated, and the lyrics awakes hosts of images in your mind and provokes reflection. Thus Seal has remained faithful to himself remaining first of all a unique author and at the same time has entered the mainstream successfully making his most effervescent work to date. It is worth while hoping that his inspiration turns out to be enough for further creations and the pause between System and the singer's next work will be a bit shorter than the time of expectation of this brilliant album.