Studio Album by released in 2007

Stay review

Simply Red experience a new wave of recognition

Simply Red applies to that type of bands that you can always rely on. An admirer of Mick Hucknall and his team is securely protected from disappointments; every new album will surely offer you a few 100 percent hits and a whole bunch of simply good songs. Simply Red enjoy a stable success since they released their first album in 1985, so now the band is holding a status when public’s recognition is expressed on a global scale. During last months of 2006 Simply Red managed to raise their loud enough name even higher, particularly, the list of their Top Ten albums became staffed with a tenth in succession unit, the band played three sold out dates at London’s Royal Albert Hall and their recent, critically acclaimed album Simplified entered the UK album chart at number three. So if a feeling of confidence in strength of this band is not yet formed in your heart than Simply Red are ready to give you another chance to get it. Their new album Stay is another collection of beautiful, passionate tunes and sensitive lyrics from one of the most outstanding singers of today’s pop scene.

Simply Red is Mick Hucknall

Stay became a third record issued by Mick Hucknall’s private label and a second album composed of newly penned songs, 2005’s Simplified doesn’t count as it was an album of cover versions of old hits. The album’s basis and main driving force is, of course, Mick Hucknall’s voice, Simply Red were always associated with this name only, even the band’s title was taken after Hucknall’s nickname. However Simply Red’s music is a result of a laborious task of a whole team where a well-known producer Andy Wright takes an essential position. A main song of the album is Stay, of course. This is a mid tempo composition with gorgeous and catchy chorus and reach backing vocals, made up in best Simply Red traditions. A following They Don’t Know is no worse; its distinctive feature is that of soft funky mood and abundance of brass instruments. The album features a 2006’s single Oh! What A Girl too. This is a perfect dance hit with a hot Latino flavor.

Mick Hucknall stays devoted to his performing style

Mick Hucknall is an old pop school vocalist first of all, but one could always hear notes of jazz, funk and classic soul music in his songs. His performing manner composed of these elements has formed many years ago and nothing can make him break his old traditions. Even when the song’s arrangements have a propensity to sound bluesy like on Good Times Have Done Me Wrong or on Money TV, Hicknall’s voice just draws these songs into the general air of the album, which is soaked with a great mood of 80’s. The Death Of The Cool has fortunately turned out to be especially good in this respect as it represents that very moment when Hucknall slightly bends from his usual melodic in the direction of old pop. In fact, almost every song on Stay is a hit, any Simply Red’s fan will be happy to have this definitely excellent album in his audio collection. A high professionalism of Hucknall and of every person who assisted in Stay’s record session made it possible to produce a really great album. You can listen to it at home, in your car, while you’re working – if you are a hopeless romantic than Stay is your album.