English rock band Skunk Anansie was formed in the middle of nineties in the capital of Great Britain. Rockers’ bright image, memorable gigs and interesting texts attracted millions of listeners’ attention all around the world. It is worth mentioning that in 2004 Skunk Anansie was recognized as one of the most successful British groups, whose albums and singles became the permanent participants of the UK charts. And that fact, in its turn, is the great proof of music lovers’ interest in Skunk Anansie’s creativity.

The band played its first gig in 1994, and in 1995 they were called the Best New British Band by the magazine Kerrang! readers. The same year Skunk Anansie released their debut long play titled Paranoid And Sunburnt (1995). That record was very well received both by the critics and numerous listeners. Also Paranoid And Sunburnt included one of the band’s most contradictory compositions: Selling Jesus. That song made a real splash and later it turned out that it was not the group’s only loud work. The second album Stoosh was released in 1996 and it truly emphasized the fans’ interest in Skunk Anansie. Moreover, the musicians recorded the instruments and the vocals simultaneously; thereby they got an extremely powerful sound and atmosphere.

Skunk Anansie’s discography was enlarged by the strong album Post Orgasmic Chill in 1999, which was enjoyed by the listeners all around the world. That studio attempt was acclaimed by the critics, who noted the signature audacious sound. In spite of the successful career, the musicians stated about the group’s disbandment in 2001. However by 2009 they decided to reunite in order to go on Greatest Hits Tour. The same year Skunk Anansie issued the compilation album Smashes & Trashes (2009), including both the old compositions and three new songs.

The fans exulted when they found out that Skunk Anansie were going to released their new long play. Traditionally strong record Wonderlustre saw the light in 2010 and it pleased the listeners by the highest level of performance. The studio attempt Wonderlustre became the excellent continuation of Skunk Anansie’s creativity: there is no doubt that recognizable atmosphere will please both the band’s old fans and those who are just going to get acquainted with the rockers’ creativity.

Studio Albums

Skunk Anansie, Anarchytecture mp3Anarchytecture
  • Indie Rock
Skunk Anansie, Black Traffic mp3Black Traffic
  • Alternative
Skunk Anansie, Wonderlustre mp3Wonderlustre
  • Hard Rock
  • Power Pop
Skunk Anansie, Stoosh mp3Stoosh
    Skunk Anansie, Paranoid & Sunburnt mp3Paranoid & Sunburnt
    • Alternative Metal
    • Hard Rock

    Compilation albums