Stefanie Heinzmann

Studio Album by released in 2012

Stefanie Heinzmann review

Time to put your name on the album

It is common knowledge that artists tend to give their names to their debut albums in most cases, which may be a good promotion to their personalities and their products. Yet the Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann did not hurry to do it. Her new studio album, Stefanie Heinzmann, is already record number three in her solo discography. But this is the album that she hopes will make her known and loved beyond Austria, Switzerland and Germany, she has been considered a real star for quite a while. On her mother soil, the girl gained popularity when she was singer for the Bigfish band, and in the neighbor German-speaking countries, she became famous after her triumph at a TV show with a terrifying title SDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD. Actually, this was the time when Heinzmann decided to take up a solo career. The young singer started off very energetically as she released two long players in two years, Masterplan (2008), and Roots To Grow (2009). It took her much longer to get ready with the following record. Only now do we have the opportunity to get to know this album and see for ourselves that Stefanie Heinzmann is actually ready for international recognition.

A tasty cocktail of anything you can have in music

To cut a long story short, Stefanie Heinzmann is a cocktail of everything one can imagine. A Swiss singer sings in a soul-mannered voice performing in English her own songs and songs by other authors to instrumental accompaniment that embraces features of funk, jazz, rock and pop music. All this is elegantly complemented with Stefanie’s image, that of a pretty girl with piercing in her lips and glasses seemingly borrowed from her Grandma. With that kind of music and in that style does Stefanie appear in the video for the album’s first single, Digging In The Dirt, and this song, indeed, is a wonderful promotion for the whole record. No doubt, this one is the album’s hit number one, but, apart from it, one can find a whole lot of interesting tunes here. Heinzmann breathed a new life in songs Everyone’s Lonely, and This Old Heart Of Mine, originals from Jamie Cullum and Isley Brothers. The album features mostly upbeat, dance tracks with highlights Show Me The Way, and Coming Up For Air. The most noticeable slow piece is You Made Me See. As a matter of fact, none of the album’s 14 tracks sound poor, and each is a great joy to listen to.

Irresistible pop

Even before the official release of Stefanie Heinzmann, critics predicted a great success for this record, and they proved right. The music of this Swiss singer is a project involving a lot of money, a lot of professional work, and a lot of expectations. That is why the album could not disappoint. And that is why it, probably sadly to some listeners, is too close to perfection. The crystal clear sound and flawless melodiousness leave no room for human error, or naturalness. The polish of Stefanie Heinzmann reminds the listener of the fact that all elements of jazz, funk and rock are, in the end, dominated by pop. Nonetheless, even the doubtful pop prefix loses its meaning because the album is so appealing that you do not care about principles or preferences anymore. At the same time, one must appreciate the eclectic character of the record’s music with so many various components supplementing and developing one another. And they are all turned into a whole by Stefanie Heinzmann’s powerful voice. Then she must be capable of working with any other kind of music. Probably, one day, being a world celebrity, the singer will want to have a different, experimental sounding, and record an album for more a sophisticated audience. As of today, we have Stefanie Heinzmann, a brilliant pop album from a young and incredibly talented performer.