Double Bubble

Studio Album by released in 2008

Double Bubble review

Rare but effective releases

It is amazing, how the British band Stereo MC's, which emerged on the scene at the end of 80's, manages to be both in the center of attention and mix the most fashionable and innovative trends in their music with every release. Beginning with the long-play 33-45-78 (1989), which featured the elements of hip-hop, acid house, indie and many other genres, in the early 90's the musicians became the youth idols on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with their discs Supernatural and Connected, the last one producing the eponymous smash hit. However, the successful follow-up DJ-Kicks: Stereo MC's was ready only in 2000, in spite of the fact that the artists worked over the remixes for such stars as Madonna. The adored by the public long-plays Deep Down & Dirty, Retroactive and Paradise decorated the beginning of the twenty-first century, but in 2005, Stereo MC's unexpectedly left the limelight again. However, in July 2008, they made a forceful comeback on the big scene with the eighth (without counting the compilation Retroactive) studio album Double Bubble. This unusual album combines the vocals, funk, electronica and even the influence of the East and Mexican motives. The Stereo MC's members themselves, who actively cooperate with the press, stated in an interview that they had two major aims at the Double Bubble disc. Firstly, the artists wanted to get back to their roots, and secondly, they wanted to diversify the club music sphere with the tracks with classical vocals.

Double Bubble: the new musical triumph of the British artists

From the very first sounds of Double Bubble, one understands that Stereo MC's leaders Rob Birch and Nick Hallam are still far from the creative dimension and are full of the penetrating energy that made them popular among the youth of 90's. The disc opener Get It On has the winding rhythm, ideally fitting for the dance floor. Track The Here And Now reminds of the cult album Connected with its structure and melody. The swirling beat of Karaoke will leave no one sitting, while the excellent instrumental peace in the middle is memorable for the expressing play of drummer Owen If. The tune of City Light gets its originality with the motives of the East and emotional female backing vocals. The single Gringo (Ragged & Ruthless) has already got many praises for its bouncy rhythm and elaborated Eastern tune with Birch's vocals - he sings highly impressing on this track. The dark dance composition Pictures is really sincere and emotional, on this song Rob gives a broad hint to the listeners on his past, which had uneasy moments. The rhythmic and winding song Black Gold will cheer the audience with the excellent rapping, while the following Show Your Light is noticeable for its disco elements in the stylish mix with electronica. Coming Home has the unforgettable, catchy melody and a pleasant beat. Among the wonderful bonus tracks, Hot Blood with its ironic social commentary by Birch and lyrical You Got It All are the undoubted highlights.

Stereo MC's: the masters of the dance rhythms

The Double Bubble edition became one more proof of the statement that a time is nothing for the real talent. The rhythms of Stereo MC's are still excellent. Although Rob Birch often says that he has nothing to do with politics - he simply describes what he notices around him, his socially-oriented texts that made him famous as the author are still up to date and concrete. In spite of the fact that Double Bubble belongs to the narrow category of club music, can be deservedly called a universal one. You can listen to Double Bubble in a club or dance to its tracks at a home party, or simply switch it on in a car. Besides, Birch's vocals acquired the special intimacy and emotionality with the age - the thing is that both the professional and life experience played a role in it. This sincerity of the singer only benefited Double Bubble - well, it could not be the other way. The flawless work of back vocalists Cath Coffy and Rachel Birch should be also noticed - their parties contributed much to the atmosphere of the album, as well as the play of drummer Owen If. Every time, releasing a new album, Stereo MC's prove that they are one of the best dance scene bands. The full-length Double Bubble can be rightly called one of the best dance releases of the year, if not the best one.