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Change review

Sugababes continue their starry way

The main news about the world's best pop girls band so far, Sugababes, is the change in the line-up: one of the founding members Mutya Buena has quit the band and has been replaced by not less gifted Amelle Berrabah. Probably because of that the trio's fifth studio album has received its name – Change. Renowned for creating unique harmonies due to the particular way to combine three utterly different voices the girls have managed to preserve this peculiarity of their performance with the new participant as well. As for the stylistic coloring of the record it is obviously bolder than the previous works of Sugababes: along with the expected pop tunes there are tracks surprising with a rockier sounding. Besides, the girls are bravely flirting with reggae and funk, and of course Change would not be a girls band's album without unforgettable soulful ballads. Now that Keisha is the only founding member left in the band together with Heidi and Amelle they are going to prove that despite the difficulties inside the collective Sugababes continues its starry way that started nine years ago.

New dance hits and memorable melodies

After the success of the 2005 album Taller In More Ways the band has decided to work once again with producers William Orbit, Dallas Austin and Cathy Dennis who were joined by such producers projects as Novel and Xenomania (hits Round Round and Hole In The Head). Such a constellation is already a guarantee of success, but Sugababes is not the band to stake only at the production. As always the girls have done their best, and as a result we have an album practically devoid of fillers. The opening lead single About You Now is by all means one of the best dance songs lately, as well as the following disco spirited composition Never Gonna Dance Again. However, one of the most impressive tracks on Change is Denial, a splendid mixture of pop, rock against the background of an indescribable beat is sure to persuade everybody that all changes are for the better. Title song Change pleases with instrumental background with melodious guitars dominating in it, whereas on Back Down the girls experiment with reggae a little bit. Ballad Mended By You and composition 3 Spoons Of Suga with a rocky flavor demonstrate what three singers are really able to do. The album closes with another highlight Undignified, which is remarkable not only for its memorable melody but also for the lyrics which is really far from being simple.

Fresh and vivid album Change

Last year Sugababes released the hits compilation Overloaded: The Singles Collection. Usually the release of such a record is a sign either of the fact that the band members have run out of ideas for the new material and are going to take a time out or that they will soon disband. Yet it is a little bit different with Sugababes. It is very likely that after the first listening of the new album many will have the impression that the new participant has breathed a new life into the collective as every single song on Change sounds really fresh and vivid. Those who were afraid that with Mutya's departure the band will be deprived of the main thing can calm down – Amelle has found herself right at her place with Sugababes. And despite the never-ceasing rumors of backstage cat fights it is clear from the very first sounds of the opening front single About You Now and the album on the whole that the new soloist is in the center of attention, dominating in a number of songs. The fans will be pleasantly surprised to hear how well her voice sounds in the band and separately. Regarding that until now all has been lucky for Sugababes, we can only hope that the results the band has obtained from the changes becomes firm and the relations within the collective allow it to remain the best of the best further on.