Beautiful World

Studio Album by released in 2006

Beautiful World review

There are now bounds to the happiness of Take That fans

Speaking about the most successful boys bands of the last decade one cannot but mention Take That. The five talented young men have conquered so many female hearts that after their break up in 1996 it became necessary to set help-lines to provide psychological support to the miserable fans. Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Robie Williams – these names have remained in the memory of most Europeans forever though today the latter has achieved much more as a solo artist. Probably that is the reason why Williams has refused to join the band on its reunion last year, but even without him this November the four have unleashed a brand new album, which has become the collective’s first work in ten years. The new creation Beautiful World does not only amaze by the evident maturity in the performance of Take That, but also is the first band’s album on which each member has sung at least one song. The music on the record evokes most pleasant memories and assures the listeners that one of the most prominent boys bands of all time can continue working together as if the ten year break has never happened. There is now bounds to the happiness of Take That fans, and Beautiful World has already become a real sensation.

Surprises and discoveries on Beautiful World

The bulk of the songs on Beautiful World refer to the kind of creations meant for singing along and turning the lighters on during a live performance. The opener Reach Out is performed by the whole band and immediately subbmerges the listeners into the atmosphere of a rich range of feelings that one has so long been missing. The change of tempo on a wonderful track Patience can be explained by the seriousness of the main theme – the necessity to be patient instead of starting new relations soon after a break with someone you have really cared about. Gary Barlow performs here the lead vocals and the rest of Take That join him on a memorable chorus. The title composition Beautiful World is interesting most of all for the fact that for the first time of the band’s existence history Howard Donald, who did the dancing as his main occupation, becomes a singer, and after hearing this masterpiece a question arises why this multitalented guy has not been allowed to approach the mic earlier. On Hold On the artists unite their efforts once again, giving the song a superb falsetto chorus, and they proceed singing together on another heart-breaker Like I Never Loved You At All. Mark Owen’s turn to shine comes on an aptly composition Shine, and here the singer proves that he does not only have a handsome appearance, but can also a big heart which he puts into the song. One of the most romantic tracks on Beautiful World is I'd Wait For Life, touching the heartstrings with a deep piano accompaniment. Howard surprises us again on a catchy song Mancunian Way, while the main discovery is left till the end: Jason Orange’s lead vocals on a folk composition Wooden Boat.

One of the founders of pop music in Great Britain

It goes without saying that the band is not going to avoid comparisons with the works of the past years, and many are sure to state, that without Robbie Take That is no Take That at all. Actually the relations between the collective and its former member who’s today a successful solo artist are not as bad. During the last year tour around Europe Robbie joined the team to perform Could It Be Magic, and afterwards the four has declared its willingness to cooperate with him in case he wants it himself. As far as the new album is concerned these mature and solid men have well managed to compensate the singer’s absence and make Beautiful World a full-fledged Take That album. Due to the support of Grammy award-winning producer John Shanks who co-wrote a lot of Take That songs there has been little difficulties with arrangements and achieving the unique sound. One of the founders of pop music in Great Britain Take That has retained the soulfulness and abundance of feelings characteristic of all its works and the inimitable lyrics written mainly by Gary Barlow is sure to bring the band further grand success. That’s why there is no doubt that both the young generation and those who have been Take That fans in the 1990s are going to appreciate Beautiful World.