The Circus

Studio Album by released in 2008

The Circus review

The triumphant comeback of Take That

It is hard to imagine the pop scene of 90s without such a clue boy band as Take That. However, it was even harder to imagine that in 2006, the artists would gather again in order to make the genuinely triumphant return with the album Beautiful World. Nevertheless, the re-union of Take That became not only one of the brightest come-backs of that year - it was one of the most successful resurrection for the whole history of pop music. As it is known, Robbie Williams refused to re-join his former colleagues, although they are glad to take him back in the command at any moment. Well, Robbie’s career is not at its best stage now, while Take That are surpassing the unseen success - maybe, he should ponder a little over the proposal of his peers? In any case, the cover of the new album by the band, titled The Circus, as well as on the cover of the previous disc, there is a gap between the members for Robbie. Moreover, the listeners expected the new album by Take That with great hesitation also because no one knew if the band would be able to avoid the classical “second album” mistakes, as the group re-formed after such a lengthy period. One more reason for such a nervous expectation was a fact that Britney Spears released her new disc, titled Circus, simultaneously with this work. In the UK, listeners follow the sales of both editions in order to learn, who sold more copies. Overall, the release of The Circus was accompanied with a great number of questions and wonders among the public, but one thing is obvious - The Circus is a success.

Wonderful harmonies and catchy tunes on The Circus

One should notice at once that the trial by the second album, while The Circus is actually the fifth work of the collective overall, the artists of Take That passed brilliantly. The album starts with the beautiful piano pop composition The Garden with the big chorus. Well-known to the majority of the listeners hit single Greatest Day follows The Garden, amusing with its complicated harmonies and extravagant melody - the soloist on this track is Gary Barlow. On the bouncy pop track Hello, Mark Owen takes the place of lead vocalist. This song sparkles with love for life, optimism and reminds with its moods of the track Shine from the previous studio effort by Take That. One more poppy track Julie, fulfilled in the style of 70s, is sure to cheer the listeners with the magnificent and catchy chorus. The titling composition, the piano pop ballad The Circus, is full with irony, as well as the following gorgeous tune How Did It Come To This, which was inspired by famous British non-conformist Amy Winehouse. On How Did It Come To This, the musicians gave the leading vocals to Jason Orange, and he perfectly hit the goal. The track Up All Night is filled with lightness, harmony and love rapture in the manner of The Beatles. The melancholy melody What Is Love, in which Howard Donald sings the lead party, became a wonderful epic ballad, which successfully took its place at the end of The Circus. The album finishes with the song Hold Up A Light, which demonstrated one more time the skill of Take That to create great choruses.

Take That firmly stand on the ground

There were people, who thought that without Robbie Williams Take That would soon drown - however, they did it vice versa! On their disc Beautiful World, the artists wonderfully performed the vocal parties without the former scandalously famous colleague. They demonstrated the same skill on The Circus. Moreover, if earlier the artists only sang the songs, written for them, in the case with The Circus they took part in creation of each track for the long-play. With their comeback, Take That not only made the crowds of devoted fans exult, but also put a feasible edge into the world of pop music. Thus, there is a definite point, why the critics so often compare Take That to Coldplay for their influence on the mainstream. The musicians managed to both take back the laurels of the legendary boy band and become the mode-setters, which is an uneasy task in the world of today’s show business. In 2008, Take That got four nominations on the BRIT Awards and won two of them. Well, it is obvious that the country appreciates its heroes. The brilliant disc The Circus not only helped the artists to strengthen their position in the charts, but also prove that Take That came back seriously and for a long time. After such a qualitative full-length as The Circus, written in a praiseworthily short period - especially, if one remembers that the band spent much time in a tour - one can only wish the performers to create more discs, like this one.