Beautiful Surprise

Studio Album by released in 2012

Beautiful Surprise review

Romance and love still exist

Two years have passed from the annunciation of Beautiful Surprise on the official Tamia's Twitter page and five from the last album we heard. Well, Tamia Marilyn Hill, Grammy-nominated R&B singer and songwriter, is back and breaking her long silence with her fresh album Beautiful Surprise. Tamia’s music and lyrics were always for love-starved people who long for warm and sincere feelings between man and woman. We heard it throughout the long career of this talented Canadian singer, beginning with Tamia album and even on earlier singles like You Put A Move On My Heart and Missing You till the very last Beautiful Surprise songs. In “More” as a living example Tamia shows us what is like to be a strong woman, uniting in her example such traits as a good wife, caring mother, brilliant musician. She vividly depicted to us the beauty and evolvement of the relationships in her revelations on Between Friends, she rocked the charts with Can't Go for That, Tell Me Who in A Nu Day, she explode the musical R&B scene with Into You, Officially Missing You in More. Well, it is 2012, Tamia is here, Tamia is back and ready to feel, sooth, calm and share the romance and sincerity of relationships. So let’s listen to the surprise Tamia has prepared for us!

Surprise from Tamia

Track that opens the album is Lose My Mind that puts us in the world of stormy feelings and emotions as gorgeous and graceful voice of Tamia sings about woman’s vulnerability as she misses her love so much as she almost loses her mind and can’t rest until they’ll be together again. Not emotional enough? Ok, for the lovers of Spanish melodies and burning feelings we advise to listen to the track It’s Not Fair that explode in a rainbow of frantic feelings as Tamia sings about man who prefers other woman no matter what she gave him. This song is wonderful example of how powerful, marvelous voice of Tamia can express sufferings of soul, when everything inside you is in chaos and the whole human nature screams - how fate can be so unjust? Approaching the middle of album, passions decline a little. And here we have a song that became a title of the LP. Beautiful Surprise is full of life, and we might tumble to an idea (especially after the video clip) that this song is dedicated to Tamia’s husband, Grant Hill, so Tamia sweetly sings about her man coming back home earlier than she expected, and suddenly torments of waiting is over and his apparition makes a beautiful surprise to her. Melody of the song and lyrics show us the real happiness of meeting your true love after a long waiting. Want more surprises? Tamia has one. At the end of the album we can find another surprise for us as we see here 2004’s Still ballad from the album More, track that in 2004 blew R&B and Billboard Hot Dance charts.

Shine always, shine everywhere

Tamia is a star on R&B heaven for over fifteen years and we wish her to shine and never fade away. This time-proved singer convinced us that true feelings still exist and everyone no matter how hard and unjust can fate be should look for his or her true love, for his or her Beautiful Surprise, and this album is another proof of that fact. So if you begin to feel down, depressed and lonely, then try and re-listen the album – the warm, live and sincere mood of Beautiful Surprise will help you to overcome life obstacles, and to dive into the peaceful, smooth and inspiring atmosphere of Tamia’s world. And no doubt, soothing, emotional rhythms and melodies of the album will always be a nice contribution to a romantic evening.