Streets In The Sky

Studio Album by released in 2012

Streets In The Sky review

The Enemy – clockwork rock from Great Britain

Great Britain has always pleased music lovers with new amazing bands, no matter if it were electronic projects, mysteries indie-performers or riotous rockers. In the year 2006 a new band called The Enemy was formed in Coventry, and that group was destined to find itself in the spotlight in practically no time. Powerful rock from the young men was well received by local listeners, so The Enemy’s debut record with a gloomy and philosophic title We'll Live and Die in These Towns (2007) immediately conquered the chart of albums. Well, the band’s career took a confident start, no one can argue with that. Unfortunately it often happens that the young group puts so much effort into their debut attempt that their following album may disappoint listeners. However The Enemy had enough strength and desire to create the first and the second work in a high level. Thus, Music for the People of 2009 proved to be not less fascinating than its predecessor. Great sound and sincere attitude, which became the band’s signature feature, were presented in a full volume, to great joy of the audience. Three years later the musicians prepared the third long play called Streets In The Sky, which proved to be in a centre of attention. The fans will get a dozen of excellent compositions.

Irrepressible energy of Streets In The Sky

Fans of fast, melodic and a little bit aggressive music, cheer up! The British rockers are ready to present their brand new studio attempt, the third one in their discography. The album Streets In The Sky included twelve compositions, and beyond a doubt, the artists had been choosing only the best and the worthiest tracks. Anyways, it is much better to make sure of it by yourself, and one should start with the very first song called Gimme The Sign. Guitar riffs will not give you a slightest doubt about the group’s style: The Enemy are faithful to their roots, however their direction can be hardly described, after all. This is some kind of nuclear mix of punk-rock, alternative rock and many other genres. This way or another, the final result proves to be original and The Enemy’s music is easily recognizable. Actually, the rockers enjoy writing quite calm major songs, like Like a Dancer or clockwork It's a Race with a guitar part to remember. As always, the band’s lyrics deserves respect, and the song Bigger Cages (Longer Chains) is a great example of music and words collaboration. The Enemy is not a group that writes lyrics only to get rhymes. They actually put some sense into their songs, and luckily it is got by listeners. The composition called Get Up and Dance, for example, fit the long play perfectly, and it can be called a wonderful sample of The Enemy’s art. Melodiousness, vivid and highly expressive. What else do we need from a rock band?

Bright music

The Enemy managed to become famous in a relatively short period of time, and there is a good reason for that. The musicians presented an excellent cocktail of expressive and demanded genres. Loud guitars, ringing drums and truly sincere attitude while working in a studio or rocking on a stage played their role. The band proved to be called for and it gained an impressive fan base all over the world. The new studio attempt will not disappoint old fans, that is for sure. Moreover, the record will probably help The Enemy to increase the number of fans, and that would be no surprise, after all. The material of Streets In The Sky is good indeed and it feels that the musicians spent a lot of time and went to efforts in order to write and work out the presented songs. The long play’s charge of energy can easily become a source of envy of The Enemy’s colleagues of industry. However rivalry in such business is nothing but a positive side with great effects. Well, rockers from Coventry were not afraid of competition with monsters of rock-scene, and the band is doing pretty well. All in all, Streets In The Sky is definitely worth attention. Connoisseurs of rock should get acquainted with that album in a mandatory manner.