Costello Music

Studio Album by released in 2006

Costello Music review

The Fratellis music is sure to turn out to many people’s liking

The new Scottish rock band The Fratellis consists of only three people: guitarist and vocalist Jon Fratelli, bassist Barry Fratelli and drummer and backing vocalist Mince Fratelli. The real name has only the bassist, and the rest of the trio took pseudonyms. The Fratellis first performance took place in a Glasgow bar in March 2005, and its frequenters quickly learned the songs and the guys became the audience’s favorites very soon. The band’s debut album Costello Music released this year is a collection of the songs already known to the audience in Glasgow and some new material. The Fratellis named it so because in its opinion, played backwards it reminds of Elvis Costello’s music. Working on the album, The Fratellis turned to different trends of the XX century and made a record presenting a brilliant mix of the 1970’s and 60’s rock’n’roll, with addition of punk, seasoned with simple, but catchy melodies. The new album has everything that the audience likes in good rock music: well-coordinated musicians’ playing, sing-along choruses and witty rhymes. Far from groundless, The Fratellis is a new candidate for an opening of the year nomination, and their music is sure to turn out to many people’s liking.

Costello Music contains all the plots possible about the hardships in relationships

The Fratellis sounds on the album so sincere and devotedly that it seems you are present at a live performance. Each track on Costello Music tells a short story of a lost or newly found love, and it is impossible to select a failure song for all of them are listened at one breath. Hit single Henrietta opens the album with a great rhythm, heavy strings and loud vocals, refined with funny croaking refrains, and gives way to another amazing song Flathead with shooting percussion at the beginning and at the end of the composition appears a wonderful guitar solo. Chelsea Dagger is remarkable for an infectious gradually developing rhythm, and the fact that the vocalist sings every other word with the piatti beat. Creepin Up The Backstairs starts with a short drum solo then the strings join and finally the vocals, sounding like a tongue twister on the chorus. The features of both britpop and The Beatles’ early works please in the first half of an offended track Vince The Loveable Stoner, further turning into a modern angry composition with heavy guitars. Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night is a more slow song shouting on vocals, surprising with an unusual melody, minimalistic and built on halftones, whereas Baby Fratelli is a most danceable rock number, about an unfortunate lovestruck guy. The album closes on the most romantic song Ole Black 'N' Blue Eye, and it seems that Costello Music contains all the plots possible about the hardships in relationships.

Music perfect for any shindig

The indie rock scene has been long missing such youthful and enthusiastic band as The Fratellis. The guys have all the qualities necessary for a real rock band – self-confidence, charm and ability to write lyrics that is easy to memorize. Their stylish appearance also attracts a lot of fans to them and serves a guarantee of further success. Jon Fratelli’s ability to tell stories turns Costello Music into a set of fascinating stories and even without music it would be interesting to listen to them. The little range of melodies leaves a place for the band to demonstrate its entire instrument playing skills and because of that the songs are so much full of sound and energy. The debut album makes the band known to a wider circle of listeners than their fans in Great Britain, but many have already appreciated its music by means of the Internet. Now The Fratellis has a tight schedule of tours supporting the album, but hopefully as soon as the guys make sure their music has been heard in everywhere they want the team gets together to work at the following creation. Since the music of The Fratellis is meant mostly for entertainment it would be perfect for any shindig and whenever you feel bored and tired Costello Music is there to cheer you up.