Wolf's Law

Studio Album by released in 2013

Wolf's Law review

In search of themselves and the mission

North Wales, early 00's. Three young men - Ritzy Bryan, Rhydian Dafydd and Matt Thomas - founded the group, which now occupies a place of honor among the teams that also play music in the style of indie-rock. Musicians started with unpretentious indie style and the name Tricky Nixon, but later they carried out the experiments with sound to the point that it had become much harder and closer to the sound of post-punk. In that very sense, the group, now called Sidecar Kisses, appeared for a not very long time, until 2007, until the group changed its name to The Joy Formidable, and with it, their genre, coming back to the old familiar indie. A year later, The Guardian magazine includes The Joy Formidable in the list of the most potential new teams. And in commemoration of that, the Welsh released their first album - EP titled A Balloon Called Moaning. CD did not received much success among the masses, but was definitely noticed by the fans of the style. And in January 2011, the group released their full-length debut album – The Big Roar. And with it begins the story of the success of the musical trio. First, the guys lit up in the UK charts, and later launched a concert tour, which included appearances on David Letterman's show, a joint concert with the Foo Fighters at The Metro and the concert at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Having sufficiently promoted their work in the media, the guys had settled firmly on the indie rock scene. And now, just two years later, they released their next album – Wolf's Law.

Many-sidedness of Wolf's Law

LP starts with This Ladder Is Ours track, which quickly and powerfully acquaint us with the affair. In first ten seconds, we hear the peppy guitar riff, which is united in twenty seconds with elegant vocals of Ritzy Bryan. In general, it looks like popular rocking tracks of alternative rock guys from Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars. Although, by all means, it is worth noticing that The Joy Formidable are less aggressive than the California guys and the sound is much softer. The sound is soft-core, not droned and without falling into depression. The same theme picks up the next Cholla track. The song begins with a soft piano sketches and abrupt transition to a heavy guitar sound. Former light sound is gone completely. Inspiring performance chorus, catchy melodies and unbridled rhythm unwittingly cause the heart to pound more and more often. This song is a kind of hymn to the perseverance in front of fate adversities. And with that mindset you can move much easier and less caring. Further on the album, the group tries itself in romantic ballads, and the best ones here are such songs as Silent Treatment and The Turnaround. And what is most interesting, The Joy Formidable were able to fit in their 11 tracks such explosive tracks as Tendons, Maw Maw Song, as well as moderately easy tracks like The Leopard And The Lung, Forest Serenade and even lyrical ballads, which we have already mentioned above. For every taste, every mood and fiber. It is safe to say that everyone will find on the Wolf's Law album something for themselves.

The Joy Formidable on the wave of indie-rock

Listening to Wolf's Law leaves an impression of touring around the world. So multifaceted and versatile is the album. The guys tried to test themselves in every musical style, and take the best of them. Ranging from piano passages, and ending with hard guitar riffs, from quiet measured vocals to high-pitched screaming - it's all The Joy Formidable. The guys tried their best. Dictating their terms of performance, composition, and writing, they are without knowing it, were able to cover the most diverse and fastidious audience. Also it is good to notice that in contrast to a variety of modern indie-rock bands, and nowadays there is quite a number of them, the British trio does not seek its own style, it had already formed it and performs in it. And that, in principle, is not very surprising if we take into account the fact that the group exists and works for almost 8 years. Fans of the style should pay special attention to the music videos. It is always a professional director's work with very high quality handling and intriguing, mesmerizing visuals. With a tenacity and desire to provide a quality product, The Joy Formidable may well be reckoning upon the international recognition. And it is worth noticing that the group is already on this way, and we can hope that with time and glory their habits will not yield in front of the designated objective.