Those The Brokes

Studio Album by released in 2006

Those The Brokes review

Guarantee of The Magic Numbers’ further greatest success

The four members of the English band The Magic Numbers are two brother and sister pairs, Romeo and Michele Stodart and Sean and Angela Gannon, and all are very close friends. They formed the band in 2002 and have been quite a time working on the material before releasing their debut work The Magic Numbers in June 2005. The album received the warmest acclaim of both the audience and the critics and made the band famous around the world, especially the US. The Magic Numbers, however, seems to have so many ideas and enthusiasm that within only a year the guys have managed to record the second album which they’ve named Those The Brokes. Part of the work on record has taken place in New York at famous Allaire Studios where such stars as David Vowie and The Strokes have also have been recording their albums as well. Probably inspired by this fact The Magic Numbers has done all its best to outshine its debut and create the homogeneous and brialliant record. Those The Brokes is the result of the work of a really united team that seems to serves the guarantee of the band’s further greatest success and the soon appearance of new impressive works.

Each song on Those The Brokes has its own peculiarities

The style The Magic Numbers adheres to is quite difficult to define, each song on Those The Brokes having its own peculiarities and nuances. Most of the tracks are performed by Romeo Stodart and Angela Gannon, though the rest are often heard in the back-vocals. The opener This Is A Song is a half rock, half jazz lengthy composition, refined with piano, bells and female vocals in the background, by the end becoming most tense and hard on drums. Quite different from it, song You Never Had It surprises with an unusual but memorable melody and a pleasant rhythm, whereas the first single Take A Chance is a more uptempo and contrasting composition due to the light delicate verses and a tougher corus. On Carl's Song two voices contrast greatly, and the song is stylistically closer to country and folk directions, while Boy is one of the most beautiful songs on the album instrumentally and melodically on which the rhythm changes several times never ruining the harmonies reigning here. The drums of Undecided are so infectious that you can’t but sing along with the band, and guitars add a special atmosphere of blues to this splendid composition. Slow Down (The Way It Goes) is quite a romantic piece, calling for slow dancing and dreaming, and Most Of The Time enraptures with amazing guitars. Let Somebody In is one of the catchiest songs on the album, though it would take time to hear all its hidden aspects. Rock composition Runnin’ Out strikes with the desperate mood sounding in it and the emotional lyrics, and final Goodnight closes the album on a calm and spellbinding note.

An irreplaceable musical masterpiece

It seems like the audience has been attracted by an idea of a band consisting of siblings. The composition of The Magic Numbers cannot but remind of other collectives of the XX century that were extremely popular all over the globe – Swedish quartets ABBA and Ace of Base. Probably the comparisons to them are inevitable all the time, but the music of The Magic Numbers is so unique that all of them have nothing to do with the real state of things. The only thing that all these bands have in common is the relative links inside them. Album Those The Brokes has proved that its creators tend to experiment with the style as much as another family band Ya Lo Tengo. The guys actually sound like they are willing to ruin any stylistic limitations and just do what they enjoy doing. Anyway, due to this creative element present on each track, Those The Brokes sounds very original and different from many things you have heard. The music that the unique collective makes is always filled with a certain mood – romantic feelings, despair, and humorous attitude to life. Besides, there is a lot of wisdom in the lyrics on the album, and it makes listening to it twice more interesting. Those The Brokes is an irreplaceable musical masterpiece and a must have for anybody who values real creative work.