Studio Album by released in 2012

Oceania review

Smashing Pumpkins do not need an introduction

The band Smashing Pumpkins was formed at the very end of the eighties by the irreplaceable leader and frontman Billy Corgan. During the long career the group’s line up changed several times, however the quartet managed to preserve its unique (a little bit gloomy though) charm – Corgan knows with which musicians it will be comfortable and easy to work. Thereby after more than twenty years of creativity Smashing Pumpkins gained millions of fans all over the world and established a respected reputation of influential artists, whose art had a huge impact on several generations of young performers. Smashing Pumpkins had no album that could disappoint listeners, while critics had not a single reason to accuse the band of ordinariness or laziness. Starting with the moment of Gish’ release in 1991 and up to Teargarden by Kaleidyscope of 2009 the rockers had never let their faithful fans down. The band’s discography is especially fascinating due to the fact that the musicians have always enjoyed experimenting with the sound. Thus, their creativity includes (or it used to include) elements of punk-rock, grunge, progressive-rock, psychedelic rock and other directions. Quite an interesting mix, isn’t it? In the summer of 2012 Smashing Pumpkins pleased their fans once again. Meet the quartet’s brand new studio attempt – Oceania!

Spacey sound of Oceania

As the musicians of Smashing Pumpkins stated, they had wanted and planned to write something relatively light for the perception. That is why it is no wonder that all in all Oceania’s sound proved to be the way lighter than sound of rocker’s previous works. Smashing Pumpkins wanted to make people move in the emotional aspect, and it seems that the musicians made it. Nowadays every wishing to can make sure that quartet’s new songs are energetically charged. Of course, the acquaintance should be started with the very first track called Quasar. It plays its opening role just fine and lets the listeners understand that Smashing Pumpkins are still moderately aggressive and can boast with their signature thick and juicy sound. Then goes not less dynamic track Panopticon, which skillfully combines pushiness and melodiousness – music lovers will need just a little time to remember its chorus. The Celestials, the third number of the long play, has an amazing sound that can be described as spacey rock. Well, it is a well-known fact that Smashing Pumpkins were seriously fond of psychedelic rock back in time, and its influence is still present in the musician’s art. Another bright example of Smashing Pumpkins of 2012 is a composition called My Love Is Winter. A little bit lighter than before, but still full of emotions and pure energy.

New stage for Smashing Pumpkins

The long-awaited long play Oceania will bring a good number of surprises to all old fans of Smashing Pumpkins. The band’s sound has been changed once again, just it had happened several times before. The quartets’ old directions were changed by fresh spacey sound, which absorbed the best elements of rock, psychedelic rock and some kind of unearthly charm. There is simply no doubt that Oceania proved to be one of the lightest-sounding works of the US rock quartet, but at the same time one of the most unusual for them and, thus, the incredibly intriguing. If the musicians wanted to distract listeners from everyday routine and troubles, they succeeded. Oceania flows in one breath, it is really easy and comfortable listening. The songs order is also great, as soon as listeners experience suspense; however they will not feel exhaustion. Oceania is bringing to us everything that makes Smashing Pumpkins so much loved: powerful guitar sound, complicated and elaborated arrangements, inspiring compositions and incredible lyrics. Billy Corgan and company are still in great shape, and even the epic Teargarden by Kaleidyscope could not divert them from the recording of an excellent album. Definitely, Oceania is one of the best works of Smashing Pumpkins for the recent time.