Come of Age

Studio Album by released in 2012

Come of Age review

The Vaccines are still in the spotlight

The story of that London-based quartet started quite recently, in 2009. It was the time when Young and Cowan decided to form a band. After several months of rehearsals and constant attempts of getting an ideal sound the young musicians finally made up their mind to upload a video clip to the world-known video service YouTube. As it became obvious later, the decision had been absolutely right, as soon as the band was noticed pretty quickly, while the song If You Wanna became a real hit. Soon the line-up of The Vaccines was complete and the rockers started playing numerous gigs and felt comfortable being on tours. All that happened rather fast, and for that the artists should thank journalists and a smart PR campaign. However, if the band did not impress listeners, its story would not have become so fascinating. Luckily the musicians’ debut long play called What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? was enjoyed by listeners, and experts, even with the strictest skeptical views, had to admit that the young band was strong enough to reach the incredible heights. By 2012 The Vaccines prepared fresh material, which is promised to be not less intriguing then the band’s debut songs. Meet new blockbusters from the British rockers: eleven fresh tracks for the most sophisticated music lovers.

Endless rock’n’roll: Come Of Age

It is not a secret to anyone that music, which was born in Great Britain, gets an unspeakable charm via some kind of magic. That is how it worked twenty years ago, and nowadays, to the great pleasure of listeners (and to the musicians themselves, of course), the situation remains exactly the same. The mechanism of that phenomenon is not clearly understood, however the main point here is that it works. Try to make it certain and you will need just a few moments: from the very first notes of the composition No Hope an observing listener will understand that this music could have been created only in the United Kingdom. The album’s second track titled I Always Knew is performed in quite a vivid tempo, so it will hardly give anyone an opportunity to feel bored. This one is followed by an audacious composition called Teenage Icon, which has a beautiful melody to remember. To be fair, this song has all chances to become one of the main hits of Come Of Age. Song called All In Vein will let a listener have a little rest: it consists of amazing melodies and great vocal parts. Lovers of old-school rock’n’roll will be definitely pleased by the song Ghost Town – all the best features of that genre are presented here, plus the band added lots of original elements. As the result The Vaccines got excellent track with easy recognizable sound. A mid-tempo song Weirdo is another sign of dignity for the good old rock. It is just amazing how well the young musicians deal with time-tested techniques.

Rock’n’roll will not let you sit still

In the twenty-first century an average listener has got such a freedom of choice that it could be a great desire for listeners from the seventies of the previous age. The point is that musical directions constantly get through numerous stages of metamorphosis, so new styles appear every year. However we should remember one simple truth, which says that every new thing can be just a well-forgotten old thing. Moreover, when people deal with art, they use simple notions: “like it or not”. Obviously The Vaccines’s debut album impressed music lovers greatly, because they have been looking for the rockers’ second studio attempt. It goes without saying that the quartet did its best in order to prove to music lovers that the success of the debut work was not a lucky chance. Come Of Age turned out to be a record of the highest level, simply charming and - which is important - without useless elements. If you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of rock music, then you just cannot miss such a loud release. The quartet will demonstrate its talent many times, while right now it is the right moment to get acquainted with hit addition to the discography - Come Of Age.