The Something Rain

Studio Album by released in 2012

The Something Rain review

Two decades of Tindersticks

The band Tindersticks was formed at the very beginning of the nineties of the twentieth century, and by 1992 the musicians had already prepared their own material and started recording demo-tapes. However the group did not stay at the stage of demo-records for a long time. Only a year later the rockers released their debut self-titled album, and it is notable that the release was brought to life by the musicians without any help from major label. That is why it was so pleasant to get the critics’ acclaim. Tindersticks’ live performances were just impossible to ignore, as soon as not every band performs with an orchestra on the stage. That was just a beginning of a career, but even then it was quite obvious that Tindersticks stood out of the mass of their colleagues of musical industry. The band’s style absorbed beautiful orchestra passages, jazz, lounge and soul. Of course all these ingredients were skillfully mixed with rock, and the final result just exceeded all possible expectations. Moreover, Tindersticks pleased their fans with new studio attempts quite often, which proves the hardworking character of the artists and their endless musical fantasy. Thus in 2012 the trio (the group’s line-up has been changed a lot) prepared the fresh material, which was included into the ninth studio album - The Something Rain.

Magical The Something Rain

The album number nine The Something Rain brought to listeners nine compositions, and the very first one, Chocolate, lasts more than nine minutes. The number seven has been always considered to have some magical power, but nowadays it seems that Tindersticks decided to prove that number nine has its own charge of magical energy. And apparently it is getting more difficult to argue with that while you listen to the album: you literally sink into the wonderful atmosphere of The Something Rain. The album’s second song, Show Me Everything, is a very solid construction, based on a foundation of powerful bass. All in all the long play started in quite a slow way, however the track This Fire Of Autumn will add some vivid rhythms. One should make sure to check out the mid-tempo and extremely bright composition Slippin’ Shoes, the arrangement of which can be a great example for newcomer musicians, as soon as everything is performed at the highest possible level. One more vivacious track Frozen, in spite of its title, can melt hearts of many listeners, who missed the independent rock with all its signature digressions and freedoms. Nine songs of The Something Rain will definitely bring a great number of surprises for Tindersticks’ old fans, but all the surprises will be pleasant.

New edges of sound

Perhaps The Something Rain can be called one of the best creations of Tindersticks. In spite of the fact that it has been almost two decades since the band’s debut, the musicians still have very tender attitude to what they do and they still switch from one style to another rather easily. At the same time the rockers preserved their unique rich arrangements, which made the band’s sound so distinctive and easy recognizable. Nine amazing songs of The Something Rain with the total length more than fifty minutes will bring a lot of positive emotions to all connoisseurs of high quality and thoughtful music. Slow and even lazy atmosphere of the long play disposes for the careful and attentive listening. However The Something Rain can also relieve time on the road for many people – pleasant melodies calm down, while changes of genres divert from dark thoughts. Thus, twenty years after the big start, Tindersticks are still groovy and the rockers keep on writing truly beautiful music. Well, isn’t it a perfect proof of the fact that the band totally succeeded as a creative unit?