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Disc-Overy review

Tinie Tempah, a young and modest romantic?

The new millennium finds renowned artists fighting to preserve their own success at the necessary level from one album to another for younger performers are close at their hills. This concerns hip-hop to a no less extent than any other genres. Such phenomena as Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder have already made to conquer the audience in their native Great Britain and across the Atlantic. Today another pretender to be called the year’s most sensational rapper joins their troop – Tinie Tempah. The first time this 21 year old very charismatic young man named Patrick Okogw Jr. became noticed was in 2006 with his underground single Wifey, the video for which was quite successful among Internet users. Yet, it was still rather young and modest romantic in that song, surely, not devoid of certain potentials. It did not take too much time for Tinie Tempah to reveal and realize it, his debut album Disc-Overy was ready last year already and finally sees the light of the day this autumn after several delays to his fans’ great pleasure.

Success, fame and self-confidence on Disc-Overy

In its content, the album Disc-Overy is based on a formula – acknowledge your success at once and sing hymns to fame, women and the opportunities that the young age provides you with. As practice shows, the more self-confidence a rapper puts in making oneself known, the better one’s albums sell, and there is always time for introspection in future. As for the form, it is made of ultra contemporary production, memorable tunes often framed in very simple lyrics up to ‘La-la-la’ and of course unimaginable beats and varied effects. The correctness of the components choice has been already confirmed by singles: Pass Out and Written in the Stars have debuted number one and Frisky and Miami 2 Ibiza have made it to the top five in charts. One can also find proof on the opening track Intro, almost as long as a full-length song. Simply Unstoppable pleases with a great sample of female vocals but the single Pass Out is absolutely beyond comparison – a contagious chorus, hedonistic lyrics telling of luxury and having no problem and an unprecedented drum-n-bass piece at the end. Just A Little, a rebuff to a girl featuring Range witnesses that the romantic is still alive in Tempah’s soul, whereas another single Written In The Stars once again enjoys fame and success with Eric Turner’s splendid vocals making this pop-tunes one of the album’s highlights. The unserious, bold song Frisky with Labrinth’s vocals is an example of how quite a simple text can become interesting due to samples, again a changeable rhythm and a catchy chorus. The single Miami 2 Ibiza is included on the album of Swedish House Mafia and can boast faultless production. Three songs featuring wonderful vocalists are saved for the end of the album. Pop track Invincible featuring Kelly Rowland pleases with some love lyrics, Tinie’s long-term acquaintance Ellie Goulding adds emotion on Wonderman, and the album closer is a sullen number Let Go performed with the Scottish singer Emeli Sande.

A really varied but extremely ambitious creation

The first thing that draws attention at once on Disc-Overy is the widest spectrum of music genres. Maneuvering freely and easily between hip-hop, reggae, drum-n-bass, R&B and pop music Tinie Tempah keeps changing his voice which may sound bold and unserious, soft and gentle or almost passes to whispering. As for the other performers on the album the rapper wished to work only with those whose creative work he values himself. For instance, Ellie Goulding is quite an unexpected guest but Tinie has often mat her at festivals or interviews lately and therefore they have decided to collaborate on a song. Thus, the record Disc-Overy on the whole is a really varied but extremely ambitious creation. Dancing, girls, expensive cars, stylish clothes and accessories, wealth, success – these images pass from one track to another. Comparisons with Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder are completely natural in this case – Tinie Tempah even supported Rihanna during her UK tour together with Tinchy Stryder, and the viewers were far from disappointed. So, taking into account his indestructible self-confidence we have no reasons to be worried about Tinie Tempah’s future.