24 Hours

Studio Album by released in 2008

24 Hours review

Tom Jones has yet a lot to tell the world

The legend of the British pop and soul, Welsh singer Tom Jones is a unique personality in every way. First of all, he needs no presentation as a performer as his hits, for instance, Sexbomb and Kiss, are known all over the world. Second, his personal life had been all arranged long before his brilliant music career began: he got married already at the age of 16 and soon his wife Linda gave birth to their son. Today their marriage is over 50 years old and Linda still remains his muse even despite the numerous official sources possessing the information concerning the artist’s infidelity. Tom Jones released his last new material more than 15 years ago and actually could well stop there as the fortune he has earned during many years and the compilations that followed also bringing some income allowed the singer to calmly enjoy life. Nevertheless Tom Jones has decided he had yet a lot to tell the world and this year his absolutely new album 24 Hours is released to sign his triumphal comeback to the stage and give the world another portion of splendid pop music mostly consisting of all hits.

Songs of absolute and earthly love, happiness and mishaps on 24 Hours

As before on 24 Hours Tom Jones sings of the absolute and earthly love, happiness and mishaps always present in life, but there are a couple of secret moments here on which the singer is presented in a bit different light. The album opens with an amazingly powerful composition I’m Alive, a cover of Tommy James and the Shondells’ song, on which Tom Jones loudly claims of his presence with the accompaniment of drums and tubes. A beautiful melodious song If He Should Ever Leave You pleases with a rich sounding of the orchestra arrangement and Jones’ vocals which sounds softer here than on the previous track. A wonderfully optimistic song We Got Love will pass its positive mood to anybody whereas a danceable track Feels Like Music sounds like it is one of Tom Jones’ old fashionable songs with his singing still having as much energy and self-abandonment as before. The only thing that reminds of the age and the years that have passed is the composition The Road dedicated to Jones’ wife on which he asks to forgive him for everything he has ever hurt her with (mainly referring to the gossips of his adventures). The least serious on the album is the song Sugar Daddy whereas Seasons conquers with the blues elements and beautiful philosophic lyrics of various life seasons. Bruce Springsteen’s song The Hitter is the longest track on the record and one of its highlights for here the artist sounds quite convincing singing about his ups and downs. The album closes with the title track 24 Hours different from the rest of the material as it is the story of a condemned man, a tense track full of despair and resignation.

А great collection worthy of admiration

Certainly Tom Jones is a cult figure. His songs have sounded on all the dance floors throughout several generations at a row and continue to please us today. Surprising as it may be his popularity as well as an outstanding image with an underlined sex appeal which he cultivated in 1960-70s have remained without changes till now. It is but obvious that neither time nor work nor pernicious habits have absolutely affected the artist which cannot but please. Nowadays many musicians whose peak of the popularity was in the second half of the last century return with new creations (like, for example, Neil Diamond or Johnny Cash) but their voices sound much weaker than in their younger years and the range is not that narrow any more. Tom Jones, on the contrary, must have some secret way to ignore his own age as from the very first sounds of 24 Hours it is clear that his vocals has not undergone any changes at all. As for the songs’ themes among Jones’ typical soul ballads and pop compositions there hide rather interesting confessions on 24 Hours which have apparently served the main reason to record this on the whole great collection worthy of admiration.