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Pulse review

More emotions in Toni Braxton’s singing

Beautiful appearance and visible absence of complexes combined with a most sensual contralto – it seems that nothing else is necessary to make a successful career in show business? The things were so smooth for Toni Braxton at the end of the last century but she found herself in a hard situation in the new one. The singer took the large number of rivals, growing popularity of danceable music and hip-hop as signals to make changes and tried her hand in those genres. Unfortunately the efforts never brought the expected results, and Braxton had to accept the success of younger singers who were in the centre of attention on the turn of the centuries and further on. Today the artist is over forty and still looks faultlessly wearing beautiful, often rather seductive garments on musical events. Toni’s vocals have also remained the same velvet and sultry but there are now more emotions in her singing. The singer has not released any new material since her 2005’s comeback album Libra after which she had some difficulties in her personal life. Luckily she has coped with all of them and this spring is finally ready to please us with her new creation Pulse.

Danceable compositions and beautiful ballads on Pulse

The first single off the album Pulse is called Yesterday and has already managed to draw the attention to Toni’s new work. This composition presents the best traditions of a contemporary pop hit and could easily a Beyonce or Leona Lewis song, so Braxton has proved to keep up with the time in this respect. In general, there are both R&B compositions like Yesterday with contagious beats among the album’s 13 songs and also slow ballads like those which have brought the singer fame. Another single Make My Heart is meant for dancing: splendid major tubes, lyrics easy to remember, a vivid sample – all these factors make it a candidate for a hit. The ballads Hands Tied and If I Have To Wait will remind of the most sentimental moments in their romantic stories to those who has been expecting those Braxton’s hypnotizing voice tones. An ultra fashionable beat on Lookin' At Me will leave indifferent none of those fond of incendiary dancing and a marvelous R&B song Hero also finds itself among the best ones on the album due to the most expressive chorus. The title track – a very sensual and emotional piano ballad Pulse definitely deserves its status, and the final composition The Wave contains moments when the singer’s voice is accompanied only by a beat and they are sufficient to admire her talent.

Always a star, at least of her own time

The production is obviously brilliant on Pulse: such figures as David Foster and Dapo Torimiro, Frank E and Oak, Lucas Secon and Harvey Mason Jr. have worded on the album. Toni Braxton has recently signed to Atlantic Records and the label is really happy with the fact. A singer and also an actress, she has a charisma that nobody questions and never fails to charm the audience. The same is surely going to happen when Braxton performs her new songs on the stage. As for the album the compositions fit well into the mainstream but there is also space on the record for the beautiful ballads. Of course the younger stars like Beyonce, Rihanna and Leona Lewis are still difficult to outshine Toni Braxton will always remain a star at least of her own time. It is hard to say whether Pulse is going to win her positions back – too much competition, too little uniqueness – but her voice and her personality are still the two important factors that let go up in her career. Even if at least one or two of the new ballads on Pulse can be the same success as her early hits then it will be a true victory for Toni Braxton.