Travelling Like the Light

Studio Album by released in 2009

Travelling Like the Light review

V.V. Brown is a new phenomenon in Great Britain’s music culture

The music of the 1950s has always inspired, inspires and will inspire a great number of artists and bands all over the world and hardly exists a person would argue that they have all grounds for that. Another confirmation of the fact is the new phenomenon in Great Britain’s music culture Vanessa Brown known in the music field as V.V. Brown. This outstanding in every way personality has been one of the leaders since childhood – one of the best students at school and an example for her peers which she remains today, too. At the moment of her graduation from school before time the girl was already invited to the leading universities of the United Kingdom but she refused to continue her studies for the sake of the music career. As for music Vanessa has been significantly influenced by the recordings she listened to when a child which were those of the jazz singers of the middle of the last century such as Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald. Growing older Brown never loses neither her interest in music of that epoch nor her childish directness with which she began writing songs. This summer her debut album Traveling Like The Light is released to the joy of the anticipating audience who has already appreciated the single Crying Blood released prior to the record.

Enough room for danceable rebuffs on Traveling Like The Light

The album Traveling Like The Light was written after breakup with a young man which had made Vanessa suffer a lot but as a true creative person she has managed to find inspiration in her sadness. Nevertheless the fact by no means results in an album fully consisting of plaintive breakup ballads – there is enough room for danceable rebuffs to the guys looking for easy-going girls and simple fun filling practically every track. The album opens with such a composition, Quick Fix, on which Brown makes it clear from the very beginning how much energy she possesses with her emotional squeaking. No less contagious but a much more serious song Game Over pleases with memorable backing vocals, a complicated tune and a vivid chorus. The track Shark In The Water could be heard during Vanessa’s performances on television shows and it does not only conquer with witty lyrics but also with a marvelous instrumental background and the singer’s vocals, sensual on the verses and powerful on chorus. Another rebuff LEAVE! is very reminiscent of the 1950s hits, it is refined with an emotional chorus and is going to be close to all the girls that have met not too smart guys. The single Crying Blood is undoubtedly one of the album’s highlights and will be definitely heard on all dance floors this year whereas Back In Time is a very soulful number filled with nostalgia about the failed relationship and here Vanessa demonstrates her softest vocals. The songs L.O.V.E. and Everybody take us to the dance floor once again making one forget of all trouble and just have some fun while the composition Crazy Amazing is one of the most beautiful and melodious on the record. The album closes with the title track, an excellent ballad reflecting the depth of the singer’s feelings, yet obviously hoping for a happy future.

A juicy, emotional, bold and wonderfully modern album

It is already clear that to one needs to possess an uncommon perseverance, stubbornness and naturally talent to achieve something in today’s music world when the competition has reached its boiling point. At the same time the talent should be preferably revealed in more than just one field of music but in some other as well like for example clothes design – numerous references witness of it, from Beyonce to Gwen Stefani. Nevertheless the things are a bit different in case of Vanessa Brown. Of course this girl knows how to reach her goals but she has hardly tried too hard to be noticed. Her original fringe and tall figure have made it for her and V.V. Brown has become one of the 2009’s main personages. The singer herself is interested in music most of all and Traveling Like The Light confirms it better than any words. Juicy, emotional, bold and wonderfully modern this album is sure to find itself among the year’s best pop releases and please you with great female vocals, catchy tunes and the widest range of moods. No doubt refusing to get a higher education Vanessa has put a lot on stake and has won for sure.