Wilco (The Album)

Studio Album by released in 2009

Wilco (The Album) review

The new beginnings by Wilco

After the release of the disc Sky Blue Sky, the American band Wilco headed on a two-year support tour. It should be noted that for fifteen years of activity, the lineup of the collective saw drastic transformations, and only leader Jeff Tweedy and bassist John Stirratt belong to the originators of the group. Nevertheless, they are the backbone of the command, as they choose the inspirations for each new disc by a band. Beside Tweedy and Stirratt, Wilco currently includes guitarist Nels Cline, percussionist Glen Kotche, multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone and pianist Mikael Jorgenson. In this lineup, the musicians recorded the new disc, titled Wilco (The Album). On this long-play, the artists not only changed the direction of their music, but also amused the listeners by the first duet during the whole career. This song was recorded in collaboration with Canadian rocker Feist, whom the members of Wilco met at the fiftieth Grammy Awards ceremony. After the two-sided compliments, the acquaintance transformed into cooperation. In spite of the fact that in May 2009, the already-recorded and mixed Wilco (The Album) leaked into the internet, the musicians did not change the release date, while their reaction to the leakage was a descent and mature one. Nevertheless, the listeners go on to purchase actively Wilco (The Album), as it has many attractions for the public.

Eclectics and humorous approach

The new disc Wilco (The Album) by the Wilco band can be called not only a mix of all styles, present at the previous full-lengths of the collective, but also its good joke. Let’s take as an example the first composition on the album, titled Wilco (The Song). The music of the track is reminiscent of the earlier works by the musicians, while Jeff Tweedy sings: «Wilco will love you baby». The track Deeper Down, filled with melancholia, possesses charming strings and wonderful guitar play; it is also one of the strongest album places in the terms of the verses. No less piercing both in the matter of music and horrifying lyrics is the composition Bull Black Nova. It is a heart-grasping story of a man, who killed his girlfriend. This track is wisely followed by the duet of Tweedy and Feist, which is titled You And I. It ponders over the hardness of keeping together in relations of two lovers. The pedestrian tune You Never Know reminds of the old-school rock and is filled with philosophic speculations, while the beautiful piano-driven ballad Country Disappeared emanates disappointment and nostalgia. The rock track Solitaire is decorated with the soft and masterful guitar play. It is followed up by an energetic rock composition I'll Fight, which deserves being a hit by all its merits. It is cleverly situated close to the album ending, so that it can be remembered not only due to its position, but also thanks to the contrast with the disc closer – the orchestrated opus Everlasting Everything, devoted to the theme of love in the face of the eternity.

Moving all the time

As previously, the listeners of the band could only guess, in which style the members of Wilco would decide to record the follow-up, as the band is in progress and creative search all the time. This time, the artists agreed not to try hard with experiments and to mix all the tried earlier musical genres instead on Wilco (The Album). They acquired the solid, eclectic rock sound. The fans of the band could expect something greater and more colossal, then the firm and integrate, but no ways sensational Wilco (The Album). Well, they are right in a way – the members of Wilco not only got the fame of “The American Radiohead” for their releases, but also set high expectations for other rock commands. However, at the same time, they set this high level for their own new works too. Thus, with each release, the listeners wait for something absolutely fresh and unpredictable from Wilco. The well-done, rich both in the matter of lyrics and melodies disc Wilco (The Album) is a descent follower to the previous albums by the band, which brought it the nominations and wins at the Grammy Awards, would hardly enter the musical history as one of the best discs by the collective. Nevertheless, it is hard to reject the fact that the participants of Wilco seem to choose one definite musical direction and still remain in a perfect composing shape. Wilco (The Album) may not be as astonishing as the past works by the collective, but it will not disappoint you for sure and will bring you many minutes of pleasant listening.